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Make money online by sharing
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We’ve tested each income method and rated them by their DifficultyTime needed and Income potential.
See the graphic below? This is your key to find and unlock the best way for you to make money online!

Total Time

Based on two factors Startup and Payment:

‘Startup’ compares how much time you’ll need before you start working. Similarly, ‘Payment’ compares how long it takes to start earning money.


This compares how hard it is to do. Keep in mind that harder tasks usually offer higher pay.

Potential Earnings​

This compares how much money you can make after learning the basics and getting started.

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cryptocurrency method

1. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency (crypto) is the way of the future: As an alternative to regular fiat currency, many individuals have become millionaires through trading crypto. While you might get scared off thinking that cryptocurrency is technical or complicated then know, it’s not. 

Generate your own wallet of cryptocurrencies and learn to follow simple trading steps. And yes, it’s not rocket science to generate some returns, even when you start trading…

Diffuculty:Low Time:Medium Income:High

2. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency. It doesn’t use a central bank and there is no single administrator in charge. Users can send the currency to each other on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network. This network works without intermediaries. 

You can trade Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies on so-called exchange platforms. To do so you follow well-known services to generate respectable returns within a blink…

bitcoin Diffuculty:Medium Time:Low Income:High
how to make money with bitcoin method
Instagram Page

3. Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media apps that are used by influencers and companies alike to post amazing pictures. It allows you to make money through several different methods, including: reviewing other people’s products, selling your photos or even being sponsored. 

To get started with Instagram, all you need to do is to create an account and post your first picture. Let us show you how…

Instagram Diffuculty:Medium Time:Medium Income:High

4. Paid Survey

Paid surveys are without any doubt the easiest way to make money online. All you need to do is sign up for a portal or two, wait for the surveys to come, and take them. Most of them will need just a short amount of your time. Once you’re finished, you’ll be awarded cash! 

This is not the best way to make LOTS of money, but you can make a few extra dollars with relatively little work…

Paid Survey Diffuculty:Medium Time:Low Income:Low

5. Freelancing

As one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money, freelancing has taken the world by storm. It has allowed thousands of people to step away from their typical corporate jobs, and make money online working from their laptops as they travel the world. Use your talents to their full potential and find work everywhere in the world… 

By either learning a skill or taking something you already know, you can create an online profile, get work, and get paid TODAY

Freelancing Diffuculty:Low Time:Low Income:Medium

6. Blogging

Do you have any opinion? Are you passionate about something? Blogging is an extremely popular method to make money online by writing about things you love. While it’s not the fastest method to earn money online, it allows you to build something that will create passive income: Money that comes to you while you don’t have to sit and work to make it. 

Thankfully though, we’ve broken down how to get there in our step-by-step guide

Blogging Diffuculty:High Time:Medium Income:High
Blogging Page

7. Product Testing

Did you know that companies will send out products FOR FREE to get your feedback on them? Not to believe? You can be sent a new smartphone, test it, give your feedback and keep the PHONE TOO! Companies always do research on their products. Don’t miss out on the chance to get the newest gadgets for your treasured opinion

In the end you hit two flies with one clap because Companies will also pay you cash to give your opinion. It’s easy to get started too…

Product testing Diffuculty:Medium Time:Medium Income:Low

8. Twitch.tv

Gaming is exploding now: Before, people might laugh if you suggested that there was such a thing as “electronic sports” (e-sports). Yet now, you have countries putting up their best “athletes”, global tournaments, and millions in prizes won every year. By 2020, the video games market is expected to be worth over 90 billion US dollars

Twitch.tv is a great streaming platform to make money with a variety of different options. Getting started is as easy as making an account…

Twitch Diffuculty:Medium Time:High Income:Medium
Earn money with Twitch.tv method
Make money on App page

9. Apps

Programmers and software developers are some of the highest paid professionals. Why? Because apps make companies millions of dollars. But don’t worry: If you want to get in on the app market you don’t need to know how to create one. In fact, you can hire developers from foreign countries to make your own and sell it in the Google Play or Apple Store…

Own app Diffuculty:Low Time:Low Income:Low

10. Smartphone

Whenever you look, it seems that everyone knows how to browse the internet and how to use their smartphone. You probably use your phone a good amount of the day too. One thing that many people obviously do not know, is the fact that there are several ways you can use it to make money

Why not spend the time on the metro adding dollars to your account? There are 10 ways to get going.

Diffuculty:Low Time:Medium Income:High
Earn money with smartphone method
Make money on Facebook Page

11. Facebook

Yes, it’s true: You can make money with Mark Zuckerberg’s creation. By creating a Facebook page, you’re talking about other people’s products or even making your own items to make money. Circle partners in crime around your newly started FB-groups and create added value within a like-minded environment. Engage in similar groups and be successful on your way to become an ambassador for your topics. 

It’s just a few clicks away with our All rounder-Guide…

Facebook Diffuculty:Low Time:Medium Income:High

12. Affiliate Marketing

Don’t want to create your own products or work for clients? Consider making money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product or service, and get a commission when anyone purchased that item based on your referral. You use special links that people can click on so that the company knows that you sent a person over. 

Create good content in a blog or maintain a YouTube channel and make Thousands with recommending

affiliate marketing Diffuculty:Medium Time:Medium Income:High
make money on affiliate marketing page
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All Methods are Tested by Our Experts

Get help and advise from people with years of experience. Save time, effort, and stress.

I’m Chris! I started making money online back in 2013, after coincidently stumbling upon affiliate marketing through a friend.

During my 7 years in the field, I have built a marketing agency and more than 50 successful websites. Today I live in the Philippines, where I work with more than 20 smart people.

I know a lot about making money online, and today I help others, like you, with getting started.
Marco Fisher is an advocate for the huge potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency, as the “money of the future”. He was one of the 'lucky' Bitcoin adopters all the way back to 2009.

It's been a rollercoaster ride for cryptocurrency since then giving Marco a wealth of experience in trading, investing and, perhaps most importantly avoiding the pitfalls.

He's sharing all of that knowledge on various blogs, streams, and with us over here at MoolahNinjas.
Hey, I’m Kevin. Full-time freelance writer and digital marketing copywriter.

I went from college drop out to furniture delivery man to English teacher making less than $1,000 a month. Now I make a living writing while living on the beach in Asia.

At MoolahNinjas, I help aspiring writers launch their careers, improve their writing game, and scale to $5k + per month and beyond! If I can do it, anyone can!

How Your Life is Going to Change

Imagine what you could do with $100 more a month… $200, $500, or even $5,000. You could take ANY vacation you want, finally build that emergency fund, or start earning the salary you deserve. We know you want the same things WE wanted. With the income methods we are going to show you, your salary won’t be limited by your job position, your education level, or years of experience.

Imagine, in just a couple of months you could have money rolling in, changing your life for good! EVERY issue that was caused by a lack of finances can DISAPPEAR. We’re excited. Are you?

Financial change is in sight. And best is, you can do the change yourself. Get started right now. Take our Income Methods Quiz and in no time you will know which income method is the best for you.

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