Marco Fisher
Marco Fisher

Marco Fisher

Chief Writer for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

With a background in financial advice, and financial technology (FINTECH) Marco Fisher is our resident money geek!

Always on the lookout for new ways to earn money, save money and of course spend money, Marco discovered Cryptocurrency before it was cool.

Like many early adopters, Trading and investing in ‘corn’ (Bitcoin), and other cryptos went from being a hobby to a professional gig as the Cryptocurrency market grew year on year.

Since then, Marco shares his tips and experiences in trading and other financial wizardry through guest blogs, podcasts, and meetups. Right now, he is the chief contributor for all things trading and cryptocurrency-related on MoolahNinjas.

Featured Articles

Bitcoin vs ripple

Ripple vs Bitcoin: Who is at the Top?

Ripple vs Bitcoin: what is this and why should you care?Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly omnipresent. By now, you may know what Bitcoin is and its value after so much publicity has directed attention to the cryptocurrency. However, have you ever stopped to consider how other virtual alternatives compare to it, such as Ripple? In the

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how to buy bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin while Staying Safe

Even if you’re new to the cryptocurrency world, buying Bitcoin is fairly easy. There are marketplaces and exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies with ease. Most of these have a clear layout and are user friendly for both beginners and experts. In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to buy Bitcoin and

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what is cryptocurrency

What is Cryptocurrency and How Do You Buy It?

What is cryptocurrency and what is all this hype about bubble bursting and skyrocketing value? Cryptocurrency is digital currency and is only transferable online, from user to user, with privacy and absolute freedom. Cryptocurrency comes from a simple idea: What if your money was completely independent and not connected to any other entities, including banks,

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virtual wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet Tutorial: Your Guide to Getting Your Own

A cryptocurrency wallet is a necessary requirement for anyone interested in the crypto market, from the casual crypto user to a serious trader and investor. Just like your personal wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet is meant to store your digital currency in a secure and readily available location. No wallet – no crypto. In this article,

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how to buy cryptocurrency

How to Buy Cryptocurrency [Ultimate Guide]

Cryptocurrency is the future. You’ve probably heard terms like “cryptocurrency” and “Bitcoin” in conversations, news and social media very often these last few years you might even think they’re the same thing! However, Bitcoin is only a part of the cryptocurrency world. There are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies being developed, and many people are looking at

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copy trading featured image

Copy Trading – Your Cheat Code to Trade Profitably

“MoolahNinjas is an independent review site and is neither licensed nor authorized to make professional advice on any type of investment. The user bears the full responsibility to be aware of any risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies and other similar activities. As with any asset, only invest money you can afford to lose.” Trade like

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