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6 ways to get a home work to function

6 Ways to Get a Home Work to Function

For many it sounds just perfekt to be able to work from home – you can sleep in, keep on your sweatpants and meet with friends in the afternoon. The internet is stuffed with ads about work, that can be done from home, which is ideal for students, who without doubt could use a little

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The 20 most common work at home jobs

The 20 Most Common Work at Home Jobs

Many people today aspire to work from home or find an online job, and studies show that roughly 40 percent of the American workforce telecommutes at least part time, and those numbers are only expected to rise. A recent study done by GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics found that work from home jobs are on the rise in every

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How to Create a Home Office for Less

How to Create a Home Office for Less

Whether you’re employed by an employer or self-employed, working from home has a number of benefits; however, there are some downsides to it. One of the main items in the list of cons for working from home from your own office is that you’re likely to be responsible for all of the costs associated with

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Tips to stay healthy when working from home

Tips for Staying Productive When Working From Home

Working from home has its perks, but there is definitely also downsides! One big downside to being able to work from your sofa, your bedroom or your dining room–there are plenty of distractions that can steal your attention. You may find yourself doing everything from surfing the web to procrastinating by cleaning your house. When

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10 ways to earn money with your smartphone

10 ways to Earn Money with your Smartphone

Did you know that it’s possible to make money online without even using a computer? It’s possible to earn cash just by using your smartphone, so you can supplement your income and have extra money to use for special purposes, to save for a rainy day or even to cover bills. People around the world

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ways to earn money on a website

14 Ways to Earn Money on a Website

If you’re exploring ways to make money online, you’ll often read about people making money from websites, but discovering how you actually can turn a website into a source of income can be difficult. After all, simply creating a site and hosting it on a web server won’t just bring in money. The truth is

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You are More Productive when you are Working From Home

You are More Productive when you are Working From Home

The benefits of working from home are many–convenience, comfort and even the potential to be your own boss are the biggest ones. But a 2014 survey conducted by ConnectSolutions. suggests that there may be another big benefit to working from home–improved productivity. Their survey found that about 70 percent of the nearly 40 percent of

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Ways to make money as a Home Parents

Ways for Stay at Home Parents to Make Money at Home

Being a stay at home mom or dad is a full-time job in and of itself, but unfortunately, it’s not one that you get paid for. Many stay at home parents are looking for ways to make extra money while taking care of their children, so that they can contribute to the family income. If

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