GlobalTestMarket Review

GlobalTestMaket Review

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GlobalTestMarket is widely known among online paid survey panels owing to the brilliant payouts it offers for taking surveys. These payouts might not make you rich, but they will give you some extra money.

Read on to know more about GlobalTestMarket to understand its payouts are and how much you can earn from GlobalTestMarket. We signed up with GlobalTestMarket and reviewed it firsthand rather than looking at reviews available online.

How legitimate is GlobalTestMarket?

First time online paid survey takers will not be aware if GlobalTestMarket is legitimate or not when it comes to payouts.

Much to their concerns, it is highly reliable and legitimate in paid surveys. Also, GlobalTestMarket has been in the industry since 1999 and has a clean track record ever since it was started. Thus, people can safely eliminate the chances of GlobalTestMarket being a fraudulent company.

GlobalTestMaket ReviewThe founder company of GlobalTestMarket was Global Market Insight Inc, which has its client base in 60 countries with over 1400 clients. GlobalTestMarket is now one of the largest market research companies of the world.

To top it all, you can also have a look at the profile of GlobalTestMarket on It has a great feedback about GlobalTestMarket and the review available on is highly unbiased and trustworthy, which can be used as an indicator. Panel members of GlobalTestMarket have been receiving payouts without any issues and the trust and satisfaction level among panelists of GlobalTestMarket is high.

There have been people who have been associated with GlobalTestMarket since a long time and they have been happy with the way it has helped them financially. Hence, if you are looking to make a few quick bucks on a monthly basis, it is highly recommended that you register yourself at GlobalTestMarket and  start earning money online from the first day. Also, now that you are certain about the legitimacy of GlobalTestMarket, you can now read about the reviews of GlobalTestMarket and know about its advantages.

You will definitely not be able to make a wealth by taking paid surveys on GlobalTestMarket. However, it will supplement your monthly income and you will be able to do it without having to compromise on your family time.

Reviews of GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMaket ReviewWhen we review GlobalTestMarket, the main idea is to get familiar about how the payouts of GlobalTestMarket are. It is similar to the payouts of other online paid survey sites and members get paid for taking part in surveys or products and services.

However, GlobalTestMarket does not payout in cash directly and makes use of a system of Market Points. You can redeem the market points that get accumulated to cash. For every 1000 market points you earn on GlobalTestMarket, there will be a payout of $50.

The duration you take to earn $50 is dependent on the number of paid surveys you take up and the frequency of each such survey. If you take surveys on a regular basis, you will reach the 1000 Market points’ benchmark soon and you will be able to redeem it fast. Also, if you participate in surveys that pay you more market points, you will be able to reach the 1000 points mark sooner. Know more about the tips and tricks in handling paid survey in here.

Also, the payout of a survey depends upon the number of people who are invited to take the survey. You necessarily will not qualify for all the surveys, but there is always a fair amount of surveys that are available and you will have to take them soon so that you accumulate market points quicker.

GlobalTestMarket sends multiple paid survey invites daily. On an average, you get over 5 survey invitations daily, which is decent. By taking all the paid surveys that come your way, you will be able to make the points easily.

GlobalTestMaket ReviewThe basic requirement for joining GlobalTestMarket is that, you will have to be of 14 years at least. However, this is a standard guideline and obviously, people lesser than 14 years are not aware of surveys generally. Apart from this, there are no additional requirements to be a part of GlobalTestMarket.

GlobalTestMarket has its presence in over 60 countries worldwide such as USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Israel, Philippines, Russia, Israel, India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and South Africa among other countries.

To know more about the countries in which GlobalTestMarket operates, you can visit their website.

When you sign up at GlobalTestMarket, there are multiple questions that will be asked to assess your profile and know about your demographics. Based on the answers you provide, GlobalTestMarket will consider you for the surveys that are available. Make sure that you fill in all your personal details correctly, as it is essential for qualifying in the surveys available. Generally, there will be surveys that are specifically meant for a few types of people. Hence, it is best recommended that you fill in all your details correctly while completing your profile.

Also, there will be paid surveys that need qualifying. You will have to take part in the pre-screen survey so that you are qualified for the main survey.

Even if you do not qualify for the main survey, GlobalTestMarket will give you an entry to its sweepstakes for free. For the few minutes you spend on a paid survey, you will be eligible to win something in the sweepstakes contest which is held frequently.

GlobalTestMaket ReviewPreviously, GlobalTestMarket used to give out points to people who did not qualify for their surveys and the points were very less. However, they have changed their policy now and people who do not qualify for a survey will still have a fair chance of winning in the sweepstakes by answering the questions of pre-screen tests.

GlobalTestMarket truly cares about its panelists and encourages you to make more people join. As a part of their referral program, you will receive 20 market points for every referral of yours who joins and completes their profile or when they take their first paid survey, due to which you can earn money from home without doing anything.

User Reviews of GlobalTestMarket

Going by the impressive policies and terms of GlobalTestMarket, it is obvious that many people would recommend GlobalTestMarket. We decided to have a look at the other reviews of users and here are our findings:

Most of the reviews appreciated GlobalTestMarket. Panelists were impressed with the large number of surveys available on GlobalTestMarket when compared to the other survey panels online. Due to the high number of surveys available, it is obvious that people end up earning more when they are associated with GlobalTestMarket when it comes to finding an online job.

Alot of the people who had done reviews, were very satisfied with the fact that they were able to fill out the surveys from home. This allowed alot of people who are interested in working from home, getting a freelance position or having a side gig to earn some extra money from the comfort of their couch or even bed!

However, some people complained that their market points were deducted from the account. This was an issue reported in 2007 and ever since then; GlobalTestMarket has improved the way it works to ensure that there were no complaints regarding this issue afterwards.

A few people mentioned that the customer service of GlobalTestMarket was not great. However, we did not find any issues with the customer service and had a great experience every time we got in touch with the customer support of GlobalTestMarket.

The only problem with the payout of GlobalTestMarket is that, they pay you through check and it will take a really long time before the check reaches you. For residents of US, the check takes up to 6 weeks before it reaches you. Paid survey takers will definitely prefer faster payouts. This is one aspect on which GlobalTestMarket can improve their quality to ensure better levels of customer satisfaction.

There is no on-going payout for referrals like the case of other survey panels. You will only earn once, that is when your referral signs up, and that too, 20 market points. It would be better if GlobalTestMarket offers payout as commission for the referrals.

Verdict of GlobalTestMarket

Based on the reviews and the experience we had with GlobalTestMarket, we would definitely recommend GlobalTestMarket due to the high number of paid surveys and significantly greater rewards for each survey completed.

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