Ipsos / I-say Review

I-say Review

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There are many ways to make money online nowadays and with a reliable internet connection there’s a lot you can do from learning about cryptocurrency to monetizing a YouTube channel, and even paid surveys. One of the best and leading paid survey sites available is Ipsos I-say or commonly known as I-say by Ipsos, which is highly innovative and enables its customers to make money easily.

It has a bunch of high paying surveys in its panel, with the reward going up to $90 per paid survey.

A few organizations and companies also have an exclusive tie-up with Ipsos for their surveys. Also, the payment pattern of I-say is highly reliable and there have never been any issues with the payouts of Ipsos.

You will barely find anyone who is not in favor of I-say, thereby making it a highly reliable company.

Why is Ipsos / I-say too good to believe?

With the amazing offers and payouts of Ipsos, people would definitely think that it is too good to be true.

I-say ReviewHowever, little do people understand that surveys can actually pay and there is a high value paid by companies to take part in surveys. The feedback provided by people in surveys is incorporated by companies, which help them generate several fold more revenues.

Only people who have been in the marketing industry for long will know how valuable surveys are. When companies get customers to take part in surveys, the opinions and feedbacks they receive are honest and unbiased, which helps them to take calculated decisions before the market launch. Thus, customer surveys are highly valued by companies owing to the honest and unbiased feedback.

Previously, businesses made use of product testing and focus groups to have a better understanding about their product perception. However, they have moved to online surveys recently owing to the better exposure in terms of customer base and efficiency, which makes online paid surveys highly reliable for them.

Ipsos is a platform where market researchers are able to receive feedback from honest customers who give unbiased and concrete feedback, which is highly valuable. I-say has been in business since the last ten years and its customers have continuously been benefitted from the payouts of paid surveys.

If you are considering joining any paid survey panel, I-say is definitely one of the best online survey panels to earn extra money.

A detailed review of Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos is inarguably one of the best paid survey panels. People who have been associated since a long time are all praises for it and are certain that I-say is one among the market leaders.

Customers who have surveyed for long since Ipsos see dozens of survey invites every time they plan to take a survey. There have been paid surveys on Ipsos that have had survey invites for rewards as high as $95, although they are rare. Generally, the average payout of surveys available on Ipsos is $15.

Rewards on I-say are similar to the other paid  survey panels, where members get rewarded in points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or users can choose to buy from the gifts available on Ipsos.

However, cash payouts are better as you do not have to forcefully choose any of the available rewards. This makes I-say one of the very good oppurtunities for earning money online.

Reliability of Ipsos

I-say ReviewI-say is one of the most reliable online survey companies and is known for having carried out 6 million surveys each year spreading over 100 countries. It provides excellent market research and is operating in multiple countries without any customer complaints till date. It has been widely accepted among customers.

People who have been in the paid survey industry for some time are familiar with Ipsos I-say and its operating company Ipsos Insight.

You can also look out for more topics on opinion research and how it works, to know more about the kind of surveys hosted on I-say. The reliability of Ipsos is over the roof and it is highly reliable for online paid surveys.

User Reviews of Ipsos

User reviews are highly important to understand the reliability of a company. We made a list of the reviews we have seen on trusted sites and listed below are our findings:

Majority of the reviews of I-say are positive and it is known to dispatch the payments on time without any hassles. Users claim that they get a fair amount of survey invites and the income flow will be steady due to this. If you have free time, you will never be out of paid surveys to participate in with Ipsos.

Ipsos also rewards people if they do not qualify for the main survey but take up the qualifying survey. All that users have to do is answer a few screening questions and they will be redirected to the main survey if they get qualified. If not, they will receive a few points for taking part in the screening process. Although the points awarded are not significant, it is still better than not receiving any points at all.

There were a few complaints raised by users regarding the redeeming system of I-say. All the complaints came from only November 2016. However, people who had complained were extremely satisfied with the way in which Ipsos had addressed their issue and they also mentioned that the customer support team at Ipsos is highly responsive. As the complaints of the users had been resolved, it is fair to assume that the overall reviews of I-say are positive and Ipsos is highly reliable. The customers who had complained previously were also all praises for the way in which their issues were addressed by the customer support team at I-say.

Ipsos was much appreciated by customers owing to the prizes it gives out on regular basis. Recently, they offered a $5000 college scholarship in the US. The offer is no longer active, but there are other prizes they offer frequently such as iPads, electronic gadgets etc. The qualifying criteria for these prizes are that you need to take part in a certain number of paid surveys monthly, and you might turn lucky. Hence, you can also be assured that you might just win a prize when you participate in the surveys.

Final Verdict of Ipsos

I-say ReviewI-say is undoubtedly one of the best paid survey panel as users earn well and also have fun while taking the surveys. All the surveys can be filled from the convenience of your home, which makes it easy for you to use I-say to earn money from your home. 

They offer high paying surveys and are transparent with their reward systems and terms. Don’t expect to instantly get rich with these surveys, you have to put hard work and time in.

If you are starting to take paid  surveys now, Ipsos is a great survey panel and is highly recommended. When you have taken surveys on other panels, you will realize that surveying with I-say is a different experience altogether.

So why wait? Be a part of Ipsos and start making quick bucks.

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