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Is MySurvey Genuine? Is it a good online paid survey site?

When considered from the reliability perspective, MySurvey is okay and has been one of the first online paid survey site to pay people for taking surveys and providing valuable feedback. It has a good track record and the payouts have been consistent ever since MySurvey was started. MySurvey is great for someone is interested in earning money online, but does not want to commit to getting an online job right away, or making money with freelancing. So is MySurvey a good online paid survey site? Let’s find out!

A brief overview about MySurvey

Started in 1946 as NFO MySurvey / TNS (National Family Opinion), it had been operating in the United States, Canada, UK, France and Malaysia and had been collecting market research data for major companies. However, it became popular as it started its online operations in the year 1995 and has never looked back since then.

MySurvey is a company that is owned by the market research leader Lightspeed Online Research Inc and MySurvey helps in collecting market research data online.

Lightspeed also owned another online survey panel until a few years ago. Subsequently, they were merged to form a single company and MySurvey has come into existence ever since then.

The profile of MySurvey on is as expected and has a good review, owing to its brilliance in payouts and customer satisfaction. Totally, there were 29 complaints on MySurvey out of which 26 were problems with the product or service. However, MySurvey has ensured that it has taken care of all the problems and MySurvey goes the extra bit to ensure that it has an excellent track record for being the top market research panel.

Working of MySurvey

mysurvey users reviewSimilar to other online paid survey companies, MySurvey works in the same way and is easily understandable. To start with, you will have to register yourself by providing your details in the forms given. You will then be asked to fill information related to your demographics and area of residence. When you fill in all these details, your profile will be complete and you will start receiving survey invites on your e-mail address.

There is one feature that makes MySurvey different from the other survey panels that are available. Their payouts are calculated based on the points you earn. Although people would be happier by getting paid directly in cash, the reward system of MySurvey is one of a kind and once you know it will, you will appreciate it.

After having studied about different online survey systems, we do understand that reward point system is not always beneficial. However, the points system in MySurvey is transparent and is easy to understand as there are no hidden conditions. The entire process is genuine and totally legitimate, unlike other sites that have a complex system.

Once you earn the points, you can easily redeem them for cash without any issues. You do not have to wait for long nor purchase any of their merchandise from your points. The payout system in MySurvey is simple. You will get paid $10 on your PayPal account for every 1000 points you will earn. There is no catch to it. The transfer is instant and you will not have to wait for long. This makes it a very simple and easy method to earn money online with MySurvey, as opposed to something more complex like learning what is Bitcoin and then trying to trade it.

The reward for participating in each survey varies greatly. However, the payout for a survey is determined based on a variety of factors such as: The duration for completing the survey. Total length of the survey. Total number of people participating in the survey. Requirement or expertise in any subject to qualify to take part in the survey.

catching money with bagMySurvey will not prompt you with tens of questions to fill in your profile information. To know if you qualify for any survey, you will have to take part in the pre-screener, which will assess if you are fit for taking the survey or not. Also, even if you do not qualify for the main survey after taking up the pre-screener, you will be rewarded with some points for taking part in the pre-screener.

Taking surveys on MySurvey is easy and you can do it using their app as well. The surveys you receive on the app are mobile friendly and you can take surveys while you are traveling or even if you are free for a while, instead of solely depending on your personal computer for taking the survey. This way, you will be able to make a few dollars even when you are bored or idle for a few minutes.

User Reviews of MySurvey

To ensure that our reviews are not biased, we take into consideration user reviews as well, so that the review reflects an overall perception about the company. We scanned through multiple reviews before arriving at a conclusion. Listed below are our findings about MySurvey:

Generally, people review an online paid survey panel based on its payouts and rewards scheme. MySurvey has received excellent reviews on this aspect, despite the points system adapted by MySurvey. There is a fair payout of $10 for every 1000 points you earn. There have been surveys on MySurvey that pay as much as 500 points and if you spend an entire day taking a few surveys of that pay, you will easily be able to earn $50 per day. That is a great payout by spending a few hours. You can also redeem your points to purchase MySurvey merchandise such as shoes, electronics or can simply transfer it to your PayPal account.

If you continue taking MySurvey surveys for prolonged periods of time, you will get bored. This will not be a problem if you are new to participating in surveys. People generally prefer survey panels that keep them engaged in taking surveys. MySurvey is one such site which actually cares about the satisfaction of its customers and ensures that you enjoy taking the surveys they have to offer rather than making it boring.

There are also lucky draw prizes on MySurvey which are given to customers. Unlike other survey panels, you do not need to be active or take a minimum number of surveys monthly to participate in such sweepstake contests. Even if you do not want to make extra money, you can just try your luck by registering with MySurvey to see if you win something in their contests. This way, MySurvey has proved that it rewards it members well and also keeps them interested by offering such prizes.

The customer support team of MySurvey is wonderful and they go the extra mile to ensure that the customers are satisfied. They are polite and nice and also plan on building focus groups to help in testing of particular products, so that the quality of reviews and surveys they carry out are high.

Throughout the year, they have a Grand Prize award which equals $4000. With every login to MySurvey, you will receive one entry to the Grand Prize award. This way, the more you active on MySurvey, higher are your chances of winning the Grand Prize.

People did not appreciate the payout of MySurvey much as it takes nearly 7-14 days before they receive their payments via PayPal. People who take part in surveys expect the funds to be transferred to PayPal immediately rather than waiting close to a fortnight for the same. However, you do not have to worry about the reliability, as despite the long waiting time, the funds will definitely reach you.

Is it a good idea to register on MySurvey?

mysurvey clicking good reviewBased on the reviews gathered from multiple sites, we definitely recommend you to join MySurvey as you will be eligible for the contests even if you are not active in surveys. Read more on how to spot a safe paid online surveys.

MySurvey has been active since a long time and has a proven track record since the past 14 years, due to which you do not have to worry about the payouts at all. Out of all the survey panels available, MySurvey is definitely worth registering and the payouts are decent enough as well.

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