Opinion Outpost Review

Opinion Outpost Review

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How genuine is Opinion Outpost? Is Opinion Outpost a legitimate paid survey site?

Opinion Outpost is one of the most widely known among legitimate survey sites. It is more popular compared to Toluna and is an excellent platform to earn money online by being a part of market research. People are usually skeptical when they hear about making money online, as they would have mainly come across illegitimate websites. However, Opinion Outpost is highly reliable and trustworthy to make money online.

The only reason why people might think of Opinion Outpost as a scam is because they think that the offer is too good to be true, only till they take a paid survey and start earning.  We have come across people who have been associated with Opinion Outpost since the past few years and have made fairly decent income. If you spend a few hours’ daily taking paid surveys, you will be able to earn a few hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis. While doing surveys won’t make you a millionaire, it will give you a little extra money into your pocket, and everyone loves that.

To get a detailed insight into the way Opinion Outpost works, we decided to sign up for it and review it ourselves. It is a highly legitimate site and you will be able to earn well by being a part of Opinion Outpost surveys.

Signing up on this site is easy and should not take you over five minutes. There is no way this website is a scam and we have come across people who have been making extra money from Opinion Outpost for quite some time now.

An overview of Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost ReviewRun and operated by the leader of market research, Survey Sampling International LLC or SSI, OpinionOutpost.com is a sister concern of Survey Spot, as both the organizations are run by SSI, thereby making them highly legitimate and reputed.

To start with, we decided to look at the profile of Opinion Outpost on MoolahNinjas.com.

As expected, Opinion Outpost had a very decent rating and a positive review. There were a total of 261 complaints against the parent company Survey Sampling International, out of which 261 complaints were closed after a resolution by the company.

The complaints were predominantly against the delivery issues and product/service complaints which spoke about the way checks were sent to the panel members. The other complaints were regarding the Advertising and Sales issues, which did not anything to do with the paid surveys they offer.

All the complaints were resolved by the company and closed. Also, the complaints were mainly before 2007, which was the time they used to give payouts in the form of checks.

The functioning of paid survey panels

Prior to learning more about Opinion Outpost, it is essential that you understand the way in which survey sites work.

Both online and offline paid survey panels are essential for the market testing purposes of a company. Generally, most of the product testing and surveys that are available in the market would have gone through multiple rounds of market surveys.

Opinion Outpost ReviewBy putting their products and services out for market surveys, companies will assess the customer behavior and the way in which they perceive their product. This helps them to incorporate essential suggestions in the product before it is launched in the market.

Survey companies bridge the gap between companies and survey takers. The companies hire survey panels providers like Opinion Outpost, who in turn leverage on their existing customer base to know about the feedback and opinion from people of a product or service in particular.

Online market survey is highly cost-effective and companies get to understand the feedback of customers in a better way even before the product is launched.  With a high number of products and services that are being launched on a daily basis, it is essential that companies incorporate surveys to stay on top of the market and ensure higher levels of customer acceptance and satisfaction.

A brief review of Opinion Outpost

To have a better idea about the working of Opinion Outpost and the advantages of Opinion Outpost, we decided to study it in detail by signing up for it and providing a detailed review. We used Opinion Outpost for a long period of time so that we have a fair idea about it.

Similar to the registration process of other survey panels, Opinion Outpost asked for a few personal details before we received an e-mail that our membership was confirmed. However, a few people expressed that they were not comfortable to give out their personal details.

On similar lines, the paid survey companies ask you about your personal information in detail so that they can assess if you qualify for a particular set of paid surveys or not. Hence, make sure that the information you provide while completing your profile is genuine and honest.

Opinion Outpost ReviewYou will be attracted by the website at the first look of it. It has a western theme and you will be amazed looking at the way it is designed. It sports cowboy hats, hall icons etc. to give it an appealing look. The website on the whole is highly user friendly and people will be able to figure the navigation out easily.

Opinion Outpost asks a lot of personal questions when users want to sign up with it for the first time. It might also include questions such as your income, shopping preferences, family background, habits etc. which is otherwise considered to be sensitive and private.

However, the intent behind Opinion Outpost asking this is to give you with specific surveys that suit you instead of you having to go through the screening process every time. The advantage of this is that, you will only get specific surveys that are directed towards you and the payout for these paid surveys will be comparatively higher, which is generally more than $50.

Sadly, like other survey companies that pay you for taking up the qualifying surveys, Opinion Outpost does not. You will either be eligible for a particular survey or you will not receive any benefit for taking part in the qualifying paid survey.

If in case you qualify for a particular survey based on the demographics you have filled, the payout is excellent as the survey will be meant specifically for you and a few other people, thereby ensuring a high payout. The money you earn might not make you rich, but it can make your life a lot easier.

The referral policy of this website is also great, as it rewards you with $1 for every referral of yours that joins Opinion Outpost.

Rewards of Surveys in Opinion Outpost

The rewards you earn for taking surveys on Opinion Outpost are called Opinion Points. The Opinion Points you earn depend upon the topic of the survey and the effort involved in the survey. It is similar to other online survey panels of the basis on which rewards are calculated.

Opinion Outpost ReviewEach survey that comes your way can fetch you a reward of anything between 10 to 100 points and a few exceptionally paying surveys that go as high as 250 points per survey. So, with every survey you take, you will be earning $0.10 on an average.

As a part of their sweepstakes contest, there is an Opinion Outpost instant win, in which one winner is selected randomly. The cash payout for this is a whopping $10000 and the contest is held once in a quarter.

Once you have accumulated points 100 points that translate to $10, you will be able to withdraw it or you will receive a gift certificate that can be used on Amazon, Restaurant.com or you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account. For PayPal account withdrawals, the minimum is 100 points and if you wish to redeem it for a gift card, the minimum Opinion points required are 50.

Previously, the payment towards clients was done in the form of checks. However, they have now advanced their process and in a bid to overcome check frauds, they have resorted to various methods. They have also asked members to NOT deposit checks if they receive it without their names on it.

User Reviews of Opinion Outpost

Users who are interested to join Opinion Outpost are keen to know about how legitimate Opinion Outpost is and after going through multiple reviews, we could assess that the general opinion of people about Opinion Outpost was fairly positive.

Although most of the people expressed their pleasure about the relatively good payout of Opinion Outpost, a few were unhappy with the way their data was being used, sometimes by third party sites.

Opinion Outpost ReviewAlso, Opinion Outpost has flagged a few accounts claiming of data concerns. Data concern means that the paid survey site suspects the authenticity of survey takers if they speed up through the questions. However, a few members had their accounts flagged despite them having finished it honestly. Hence, it would have been better if data concerns and account flagging happened by taking into consideration other aspects as well.

Most of the complaints people had about Opinion Outpost was that, the payments were missed. However, this was before 2007, when they used to send a payment check. Opinion Outpost started with electronic payments after that and now, funds can be withdrawn to a PayPal account or directly to your bank account, thereby eliminating all check-frauds and missed payments due to the check missing.

Advantages of Opinion Outpost

You will always be full of survey invites and you might not even find time to participate in all paid surveys.

You can fill out the surveys while working from home, since everything with Opinion Outpost is done over the internet. You’ll basically have the freedom of an online job, where you are able to choose your hours , where and how you work.

Redeeming your points is easy using PayPal or gift certificates. You can also donate your points to Red Cross.

Qualifying to most of the paid surveys is easy and when your profile details are filled, you will receive amazing survey invites, for which you will not even have to take part in screenings.

If you take part in a screening survey and do not qualify to a particular survey, you will be given a chance to enter their sweepstakes, or you can donate $0.10 to Red Cross.

Opinion Outpost’s customer service is excellent.

They will never spam your inbox or advertise anything.

Drawbacks of Opinion Outpost

On an average, the surveys pay $1-$2. If the number of survey invites you receive are more, it is certain that most of them are low paying ones.

The member dashboard of their website has an issue. Even when you do not qualify for a survey, it sometimes shows that the survey has started when you visit you profile.

How reliable is Opinion Outpost?

Based on the reviews we have seen, it is certain that Opinion Outpost is highly reliable and is a leading one when it comes to paid surveys. Hence, we would highly recommend first time online paid survey takers to join Opinion Outpost.

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