Toluna Review

Toluna Review

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Toluna is one of the most widely known names among paid survey websites. However, if you are still not aware about Toluna, you will be familiar with it once you go through this article as we have covered a detailed review of the website along with the pros and cons.

Before you read more about Toluna, you should be aware of how much money you can earn in Toluna, after which, you will be in a better position to understand a detailed review of the site. You can read this in the review.

Origin of Toluna Survey Portal

Toluna Survey is a company that is founded and run by Toluna Group Ltd. that is predominantly in market research and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, while the registered headquarters is based in Paris.

It is a global leader in the field of market research and survey, while it competes with other popular companies such as Pinecone. It is a well-established company and has 16 branches in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, while it collaborates closely with the top media houses and survey channels.

Some of the popular clients of Toluna include Financial Times, Advertising Age and Time Magazine, as it is a leading paid survey company and has a vast base of paid survey takers. They have recently launched an innovative tool to improve the selection process for survey peers, which eventually leads to better accuracy rates. This sophisticated tool is called SmartSelect.

Toluna has a paid survey takers base of 2.5 million worldwide.

Due to the high amount of risks associated with survey companies these days, it is essential that you have a look at the company’s standing with As expected, Toluna has a great review from the site and is also accredited, thereby proving that Toluna is a highly legitimate company.

There were only 17 complaints regarding Toluna that were listed on and much to our surprise, all the complaints were resolved, which ensures that the company leaves no stone unturned to make its customers happy.

Scams related to Toluna Survey

Toluna ReviewToluna has recently acquired a company named Greenfield Online, which was a 100% legitimate company. However, scammers have created a similar sounding company called Greenfield Financial, has explicitly mentioned in their website that both the companies are not be confused and Greenfield Financial is a bogus check cashing company. Hence, we recommend people to stay away from such organizations as there are many websites that might appear to be exactly the same but are usually dubious.

After spending a few minutes on the internet researching about any company, you will have a fair idea about their credibility and they cannot hide their reviews for long. Hence, before you decide to invest your time or money on any website, make sure that you check all the details regarding their reviews so that you have a good experience.

One of the best ways to test if a panel is genuine or not is by opting in for their mailing list for a while and then opting out. If the company continues to send you e-mails even after you have unsubscribed, you may be assured that the panel is not trustworthy and it is definitely not a good indicator.

Make use of a test e-mail id for these purposes. Only companies that abide to their policies can be deemed worthy. Toluna never sends you e-mails once you decide to opt out from its mailing list.

Toluna is a company that values its customers and never does anything that breaches their trust. They have been in business since 10 years now and over this period, it has established itself as a highly reliable paid survey company.

Working Model of Toluna

Not many people will be accustomed to the fact that taking paid surveys online actually pays. Toluna is a company that helps people to supplement their income by taking surveys, with a few rules and regulations that are to be followed. Once you are familiar with it, earning money with an internet-based job from Toluna is easy and it will serve as a decent source of parallel income.

Toluna ReviewTo start with, joining Toluna is similar to most of the other paid  survey panels and is free of cost. For registering with them, there is no charge involved and they will not ask for any type of payment. On similar lines, it does not even guarantee you of a monthly income and you will earn based on how many surveys you take. You should therefore not expect to replace this way of working from home, with a real job with a monthly salary. Don’t expect taking surveys to make you a millionaire, it’s just a way to help you put a little more money in your pocket.

Some of the paid surveys offered by Toluna are specific to certain demographics, such as people only from a certain area or people belonging to a certain income group. Hence, your income with Toluna is dependent on a variety of factors.

You can use the iOS app to take surveys as well, when you are taking surveys on Toluna.

Toluna does not tell you about the points it awards for the successful completion of each survey. They do not offer cash directly and they reward points for each survey successfully completed. However, these points can be later converted to cash or can be redeemed for any goodies or merchandise offered on Toluna.

Incentives for taking surveys

Toluna offers 500 points when you register with them for the first time. Later, each of the paid survey you take has a reward of a minimum of 1000 points.

Every 3000 points you earn on Toluna corresponds to $1.

Toluna ReviewThere is a minimum of 60,000 points that you will have to earn before you can redeem or convert the points in Toluna. You can redeem it for a gift card, get it transferred to your PayPal account etc. reaching the 60,000 points mark is not difficult on Toluna, as the average points offered for taking each survey on Toluna is 15,000.

Toluna, also as a part of its marketing campaign, awards people who are active on their social media profiles so you could even make money through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can create opinion forums and polls in a bid to get awarded more. The amount you earn is directly proportional on the number of people who take part in such opinion forums and polls.

Each month, Toluna has a lucky draw of $2,500 and if you are a registered member of the site, you will be eligible for a free entry to this contest. There are no additional points or fee to be paid towards the entry of this lucky draw.

You can make money in Toluna by leveraging on the vast community it has. Participation in opinions and polls will also result in you earning additional money.

Remember, Toluna surveys will never help you in creating a wealth. However, it serves as a decent parallel income if you spend quality 2-3 hours on it daily

Reviews of Toluna

We decided to check out the reviews of Toluna as given by a few reputed sources. Listed below are the same:

Although Toluna assures you of points for every survey, it does not inform you about the points you will earn beforehand. Only after you complete a survey, you will get a notification on the number of points you have earned.

A few reviews hint that people were happy as they got more survey invitations on Toluna when compared to other companies. However, they also pointed that they were not eligible for all the paid survey invites that came their way.

A few people complained that their points have expired. This is actually true, and is stated in the terms and conditions of Toluna as well. If any member is not active for a period of over 6 months, all the points in their account will get expired. However, if you are fairly active on Toluna, this will not be an issue.

One of the highly appreciated features of Toluna is that, there is an instant payout. As soon as you request a payout, your points can be exchanged for Amazon Gift Card or it will be transferred to your PayPal account after a few minutes.

Ultimately, all the websites have a bunch of pros and cons associated with it. Most of the reviews we saw were in favor of Toluna, as the payout is great and they pay as promised. If you spend a few hours daily, you will be able to earn a sizeable income on a monthly basis.

Result of Toluna Review

Toluna ReviewToluna is undoubtedly one of the most legitimate paid survey sites available. Hence, if you are looking for a valid survey panel, Toluna is your best bet as you will be able to make a fair amount of parallel income every month by just spending a few hours taking surveys.

Also, it is easily understandable and you can start taking paid surveys almost immediately after registering with Toluna. Know more about the benefits of engaging paid online surveys in here. 

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