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Valued Opinions Review

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Making money online has never been easier than it is in this day and age. You can work from home, start and monetize a blog, learn about cryptocurrency to trade it, create a make money with a YouTube channel and even do paid online surveys. Popular among online paid survey sites is Valued Opinions. Sadly, most of the people who have newly joined online paid survey panels are not aware of Valued Opinions, which is a fairly rewarding and promising survey panel.

Due to the fact that not many people are aware, they are often under the impression that Valued Opinions is not a legitimate site and might be a scam. However, with this review, we bring to you a detailed description about Valued Opinions and the way it performs, so that you get to know it better before registering yourself.

How legitimate is Valued Opinions?

Operated by a company named Dynata, which is based out of London, it was started by Chris Havemann and Andrew Cooper back in 2000 with the name of Research Now Limited. It was then acquired by e-Rewards Inc. in 2009, by Hal Brierly, who is an expert in loyalty marketing and the former president of EDS Corp and Perot Systems Corp.

Another company owned by e-Rewards Inc is Peanut Labs Inc, which is a social monetization and technology company which leverages on interactive advertising, so that people watch ads online and their behavior is then used for scientific and data research.

Valued Opinions ReviewThis site has become highly popular and the number of viewers in the US alone was over 600,000 with over 13,000 people signing up to this each month. They have their presence in 37 countries with 6 million members being a part of their paid surveys. But we cannot blindly go by the large number base, as high customer base does not necessarily assure that the company is reliable and trustworthy.

When we checked on, Valued Opinions had an incredible good rating, which means that the customers are highly satisfied with Valued Opinions.

Valued Opinions allows customers to take paid surveys in 15 different languages and its presence is active in 20 countries spread across the globe.

The rewards for the surveys taken are in terms of vouchers that can be redeemed for cash. Also, participants have a chance to win in the cash draws that are held once in every quarter. People who take paid surveys in each quarter get qualified for this competition.

Paid surveys with Valued Opinions

Signing up for Valued Opinions does not have any charges involved and is free of cost. They will prompt you to fill in your details when you register with them and once you have entered all the required info, you will receive a confirmation mail that you have registered on Valued Opinions.

To successfully start receiving paid survey invites, you will have to make sure that your profile is complete by filling in all the information. You will gain access to paid surveys by participating in mini surveys, for which invites are sent by Valued Opinions. However, you will not get paid for taking part in mini surveys. If your answers match the requirements, you will be sent an invite for the main survey.

Survey invites you receive from Valued Opinions can be completed within 20 minutes and the average compensation for each of the paid surveys ranges from $1-$5. Once in a while, you will also receive survey invites for paid surveys that pay as high as $50.

Once you complete the survey, it will take 28 days before the money appears on your account. You can track the surveys you have completed and the amount that you have earned by logging in to your account on Valued Opinions, so that you do not lose out on any surveys or earnings.

Reward System of Valued Opinions

Another promising feature about Valued Opinions is that, all the members will have access to the sweepstakes that are carried out. The prizes are really attractive, with the best prize being an iPod Touch. However, when we took a closer look on the website, we realized that the next survey date was some time in 2009, which means that either the page is not up-to-date, or that was the last time when Valued Opinions had a sweepstake contest.

Valued Opinions ReviewThe reward for each paid survey is expressed in terms of cash. However, you cannot withdraw the cash as it is and you will have to purchase any of the gift certificates or redeem it for the merchandise that is available on Valued Opinions.

One of the advantages is that, you can withdraw your cash in the form of gift cards and it will be issued instantly on your e-mail id when you request for a withdrawal.

The minimum amount to be earned online for a payout is $20, after which you can redeem it for an Amazon gift card. You can also exchange the points for vouchers of Macy’s, Visa or

The choice of retailers who offer gift cards on Valued Opinions payout is limited. But then, you will have Amazon gift cards as well, which is as good as currency and arrives in your inbox instantly.

Another Reward

Valued Opinions also started offering a new option for the redemption of points you earn. It can be redeemed for a $50 e-card and you will only be charged $15 for the same. is fairly new and not much people are aware of it. However, the best part of this is that, you will get something that is worth more than what you pay.

However, when you want to use this e-card of, it is a requirement that your order will have to be over a few dollars, which generally is always the bill amount you pay. Hence, this is a great deal as you will get a $50 off at any of the restaurants you eat. By using this option to redeem your points, you will also be able to save money when you dine out.

User Rating and User Reviews of Valued Opinions

It is the best practice to have a look at what other people have to say about a company so that we understand the company better. We saw that Valued Opinions was reviewed highly by users and people appreciated the quality of paid surveys that were offered by Valued Opinions. Read on to know about our analysis:

Although the payouts were high, people were not happy with the number of surveys they received each week, which was generally not more than one.

There is a delay before the account gets credited with the money, but people believed in Valued Opinions and said that they were honest about the payouts.

A few people complained that the gift cards were not available. Sometimes, even if you have more than the qualifying limit, you will not be able to withdraw as Valued Opinions claimed that they were out of Amazon gift cards. However, people said that the gift cards were made available within two days.

The quality of payout was high on Valued Opinions. People claimed that they were able to earn more money per hour on Valued Opinions compared to other paid survey panels and the surveys were enjoyable and short rather than long and boring.

When available, users were able to receive gift cards immediately on their e-mail address.

Many users appreciated Valued Opinions and claimed that it was the best online paid survey panel. Also, they claimed that the customer service of Valued Opinions was brilliant.

Is it a good idea to sign up on Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions ReviewWe have reviewed multiple online paid survey sites and Valued Opinions has been one of the best survey sites available. People enjoy taking surveys on Valued Opinions and they also receive a fair amount of high paying survey invites. Also, the payout is hassle free and you can receive the Amazon gift card in your e-mail account immediately. To start earning from home with online paid surveys, Valued Opinions is a great survey panel and they have a high reliability. It is definitely one of the best paid survey panels you can join so that you can have a fair income.

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