How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 8 Proven Ways

how to get more followers on instagram

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We get asked how to get more followers on Instagram very frequently, since Instagram is the hottest social media site right now. And one of the first things we always say is, “You have great content…but no one is seeing it.”

Here we see a vicious circle: Produce great content for 10 or 20 people who aren’t sharing your stuff. You work hard to create better content and no one notices so you create more great content. But again, no one sees it. In fact, you may even lose followers one by one because you’re not growing. This is the fatal flaw in discovering how to get followers on instagram.

That’s because the secrets on how to get more followers on Instagram are often misunderstood. The questions you should be asking are: Do you create targeted content? Do you share this content in places where it will be re-shared or at least remembered? Is your content right for your audience?

Let’s discuss 8 specific and proven ways on how to get more followers on Instagram:

how to get more followers on instagram

1. Spend more time developing your profile to learn how to get more followers on Instagram

Don’t make the mistake of creating an official Instagram page without explaining to your audience why it’s worth following. A biography is not just a license plate—it should be a description that targets your main audience. Sure, maybe you’ve made it warm and interesting, but have you keyword optimized the profile for your audience? Have you linked it to your website and other social media pages with one easy to remember handle? Are you showing brand identity with this bio, as if speaking to your buyers directly?

jenna kutcher IG account

Over at WordStream, we’re reminded that Instagram biographies don’t have to be so concrete. You can and should change up your bio information frequently and give your audience a new reason to visit your website – even a few times a month if need be.

Not finding success with one approach? Try another one and keep your biography relevant and fresh, in order to find out how to get instagram followers. Learn how to optimize your Instagram profile here.

how to get real followers on instagram

2. Create a posting strategy and stick to a posting schedule

The problem with telling someone to create “great content” is that it may be randomly great content. Your audience will come and go and probably not even remember what you said because they’re not your targeted demographic.

When you create a content strategy, however, you attract the right kind of followers. Readers who will pay closer attention, take action and yes, share content and engage with the brand. You must develop a mapping strategy in learning how to get more followers on Instagram and tie in the content posts to specific goals that are progressive and sequential.

instagram strategy schedule

Successful marketer Neil Patel comments that context is just as important as content. Context answers questions your viewers have; What, Who, When, Why, Where and How.

You adjust context and you change as you engage more with your audience. This is in contrast to merely publishing good but random content and then forgetting about it (and hoping tons of people discover it). We recommend you read the article 1000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly to learn more about this.

Speaking of “good content” what makes a successful page in how to get more followers on Instagram?

how to get followers on instagram

3. Focus on the visual aspects of your product / brand

The term “visual” encompasses multiple types of posts, which will be the feature that attracts your coveted followers.

People-centric content is what sets Instagram apart from other social media sites. Studies from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs state that showing a person’s face in a photo is 38 percent more likely to be “liked” and 32 percent more likely to attract comments.

The secret then on how to get more followers on Instagram would be to use Instagram in a way it was intrinsically designed to be used and in a way that its audience prefers to use it: All research in how to get more followers on Instagram suggests “face quality” is a myth. No it’s not just attractive women that get these results, it’s not even just children’s faces that get the most likes…All faces, regardless of gender or age, are statistically more likely to get interaction from an audience. 

get more followers in instagram

The idea you should always keep in mind is humanizing your business, brand, or account.

get free instagram followers

4. Add more substance to the narrative and use relevant hashtags

It’s easy to forget to write when you’re trying to learn how to get more followers on Instagram since the app favors snapshots and not articles. Still, writing a paragraph  to accompany the photo helps to keep readers engaged. Use text to describe a new product, explain crafting processes, or even mention some programs or tools that have helped you in your business or account.

What about memes and quotes? Granted, they are an “easy fix” on how to get more followers on Instagram but do make sure to organize these memes and quote pictures so that they are promoting the brand somehow and directing attention to what you do. Otherwise, your audience loses focus of what your page is all about.

Consider memes from influencers, industry leaders, statistics about your field, news items that affect you directly, and how-to posts. These make more interesting and relevant memes/pictures, which will help you get more followers on Instagram.

Perhaps a rave review from a satisfied follower could be turned into a quote picture for a more dramatic effect in figuring out how to get more followers on Instagram.

hootsuite instagram

Make sure to research hashtags (using a free site like KeywordTool) if you’re not sure what keywords might draw traffic. Instagram is actually very search friendly in terms of providing users with the “latest” hashtag posts with just one click, with even easier access than other popular sites Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

Don’t forget the key to getting a higher response rate—a call to action. Instagram is a visual medium, so you have to ensure the call to action (that is, a direct invitation for the user to do something) is either mentioned in a picture or written out in text. The human element works best so be personal, be funny if it’s appropriate, and be proud to write personally about who you are. If you want to learn how to get more followers on Instagram, create a call to action on Instagram text, and in any other online profile you have.

If you’re interested in learning how to write and blog and make money while doing it, click here for our article.

how to get instagram followers

5. Get your community involved by publishing user-created content

Reaching out to the greater online and local offline community will not only help you with how to get more followers on Instagram, but will also start associating your account with the industry itself. According to research by En.Gauge Media, 25% of search results for the top 20 brands worldwide are links to user generated content.

That means that even large companies see the benefit in letting volunteers sing your praises or report an industry story that involves your findings. Not sure how to get more followers on Instagram excited about the idea? Incentivize with simple strategies like:

Not sure how to get more followers on Instagram excited about the idea?Incentivize with simple strategies like:

get instagram followers free

Asking your account’s most loyal followers (“brand evangelists”) to create specific content according to their own creativity.

how to get more followers on instagram

Give them credit and let them share in the glory.

how to get more followers on instagram

Offer incentive in the way of a reward—not necessarily to everyone but to the winner of a contest.

get free instagram followers

Directly ask your followers for feedback or for another actionable goal.

get instagram followers free

6. Follow influencers and innovators in your industry

As we cover how to get more followers on Instagram, we usually tell people to avoid getting mixed up with spammers, spam bots or users who mindlessly follow everyone. Not only are these weak engagement tactics (since spammers rarely like anything on your page) but you’re also targeting people all over the board, rather than focusing on your industry. It may be a good idea on how to get instagram followers fast, but are they quality traffic and long-term followers?

olivia culpo instagram account

You might think it’s polite to simply follow everyone that follows you but are you actually following the movers and shakers of your industry? The ones who publish the news, the trends, the market movement and the future of the industry you love?

Even if you’re not a “fan” of some of these people, remember that their statements and their shares may trigger an idea inside your mind, or give you ideas for another photo, another meme, another quote and perhaps an entire angle you want to explore for the season. Many users have discovered how to get more followers on Instagram by appealing to a celebrity’s fan base, if not the celebrity directly.

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how to get more followers on instagram

7. Explore apps, extra features and analytics to better study your user trends—and follow up on it

Instagram itself has a number of features that can be “added on” with special apps. Through HootSuite, you can schedule posts to be published at a specific time, especially during the peak interaction hours of 9AM, 1PM and 3PM.

The Instagram app itself has one unique feature that is often ignored: location tagging. Prospective followers may frequently browse photos of events happening near their home location. To reach a more local audience you can either hashtag a city or community or use the Instagram geotag feature on your photo.

explore apps in instagram

Users can search via hashtag or by geotag by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, selecting “Places,” and then typing the name of a location. They can even click the geotag to find more posts like this, so someone else’s geotagged post could link to yours if you remember to post local keywords and preferably locally relevant content. Users can even search for posts that came from a nearby neighborhood, by going into “Places” and selecting “Near Current Location.”

When considering how to get more followers on Instagram, download some free apps and learn how to analyze user behavior according to their reactions to your posts, and alter your strategy accordingly.

Here are some apps we recommend:

how to get instagram followers fast

Media Crawler

for Android or Apple helps you raise your ratings by comparing your Instagram page to other pages and analyzing clicks, impressions, and other information.

how to get real followers on instagram


for Android goes beyond regular keyword searches and lets you see what’s trending on Instagram search.

followers plus app icon


for Apple iOS lets you follow or unfollow users and has a “perception” upgrade for paid subscriptions, explaining how your users interact with you.

Beware of any “get Instagram followers free” apps, since these are probably promising low quality traffic and customers. Anyone can get free Instagram followers and lose them within days or weeks. Quality traffic rarely leaves because you gave them your pitch on who you are, and now they’re coming back on a regular basis to learn more. What you always want to be thinking about is how to get REAL followers on Instagram.

how to get instagram followers fast

8. Invest in Instagram paid advertising

Finally, when discovering how to get more followers on Instagram, you may notice that the company offers paid advertising. This ties in with the “story” you share to your audience which involves focusing on a specific idea, promotion or event. Ads can appear in a bold and easy to follow format, with your choice of highlighting a photo, a video up to 60 seconds, a sliding carousel of products or photos, or by specially highlighting a “story” and connecting with other Instagram users. 

 You can find out how to get more followers on Instagram by:

The secret in how to get more followers on Instagram is clearly to study your customers and their behaviors and then give them more of what they want. With practice and by exploring all options open to you, you can drastically increase your following in as little as a month!

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