How to Get More Likes on Instagram: 20 Tips that Work!

how to get more likes on instagram

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How to get more likes on Instagram is a question that occupies everyone who’s got a profile on the site. Imagine: you’re working hard to make the perfect profile, you go out of your way to make interesting posts and take captivating pictures…but somehow you’re not getting the likes you expected. What’s going on? Is it something you do, or aren’t doing?

Don’t worry, we got you covered!

It’s actually super easy to learn how to get more likes on Instagram, and you can do it right away. We’re going to share with you the easiest ways in the world to do it. In fact, we’re going to list 20 ideas that have worked for others and WILL work for you.

More importantly, however, we want to focus on getting more likes by people who actually follow you and care about your product, service, or just who you are.

This is your “targeted” audience, people who are interested in buying from you or subscribing to your social media channels.

These are the likes you want because this is quality traffic and you can turn these “likers” into legitimate fans that will give you money if you keep up the good work.

get likes on instagram

We’ll start with a few common sense suggestions and then proceed to cover some truly innovative ideas that are worth trying, regardless of your industry or hobby.

how to get more likes on instagram

1. Use hashtags on every single post

It’s not even worth posting on Instagram without a hashtag! Instagram has one of the best search features of any social media network—even better than Facebook and Twitter.

As soon as you post something interesting, and label it with a relevant hashtag, you will get likes on Instagram. Within seconds.

Go ahead and try it! Maybe these people auto-like everything, but it’s still better than 0 likes, right? This is a no-brainer in order to get more likes

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2. Focus on taking high quality photos

Instagram is known for having some of the most beautiful photography on the planet. In fact, mentions that many of Instagram’s users are photo-savvy and know the difference between HQ photos and average ones.

If you take time and actually make your photo beautiful (based on good lighting and good framing of a subject) then aesthetically driven souls will find it and like it.

Just make sure to include more competitive hashtags like #photography, #photographer, #photooftheday and #fineart. These mainstream hashtags will help you find more viewers and get more likes on Instagram.

likes for instagram

3. Tell a story with the text

get likes on instagram

People do actually read the caption text, especially if the photo is eye-catching. Ask yourself: are you giving your audience an interesting story in addition to a nice image?

Maybe not every photograph is going to be a work of art but if you write a funny or emotional story to go along with it, Instagram surfers will like it and may even follow you for more good stuff.

get likes on instagram

4. Be yourself…but live a little harder

It’s OK to post photos or selfies of yourself . While you shouldn’t go crazy with too many of those, you should feel free to be yourself, show some of your personal life, and let the audience get to know the Real You.

If you think your life is too boring for Instagram then we advise you to:

how to get more likes on instagram

Live a little harder. Go out and do something interesting. Photograph something interesting. Get a new hobby or interest and document your journey in discovering it.

likes for instagram

It’s not ALL about you, sometimes it’s about what you have in common with other people. Show the real you, in relation to others. It’s always easier to tell a story about other people than yourself.

get likes on instagram

There can be beauty in almost everything and everyone. Think a little harder and find a new angle. Don’t be afraid to experiment

On the Gleam Blog, they highlighted one of Instagram’s most liked posts—an after surgery photo from Selena Gomez, one that was certainly an emotional revelation to her fans.

how to get likes on instagram

how to get likes on instagram

5. Post about social causes

If you’re all out of ideas, find a cause you’re interested in, or even a “statement” about lifestyle, belief, politics, religion or philosophy. Now post a dramatic picture that shows your support or protest of that social cause.

how to get more likes on instagram

6. Post something for the mainstream public too

Appeal to a more mainstream audience every so often. This helps you not only to branch out to new followers (who, otherwise, may have never found your niche) but to discover possible new demographics to cater to when you’re still learning how to get more likes on Instagram. 

how to get likes on instagram

7. Be unique and surprise your audience

how to get more likes on instagram

Instagram has fairly strict rules about posting inappropriate content so when we say “Shocking” think unusual, out-of-the-box or even a “what in the world?” kind of post grabs someone’s attention, make them stare for a few seconds and then possibly laugh their heads off (or shake them in confusion).

You can’t do this with every post, but once in a while it’s a good tactic.

There really are no guidelines for doing this (apart from Instagram’s rules), since you’re the one that determines your “brand” or your real life character. Just keep in mind that your goal should be to stand for something your audience stands for too.

Bring your target audience to you.

Don’t worry about alienating the wrong audience. Whether you’re posting about gay marriage, Jesus or even an obscure comic book, this is about your brand and what values you have in common with your audience.

how to get more likes on instagram

8. Make buddies with a friend and cross post

Want to know how to get more likes on Instagram easily? Then make friends with a few successful (or even moderately successful) buddies and guest post for each other. Give each other (temporary) control over your respective IG accounts and study the results.

likes for instagram

9. Research successful follow keywords

Let’s be brutally honest—when you’re just starting out you want as many followers as you can get because nobody likes the big ZERO.

One easy fix is to post a #Like4Like tag for your first few posts, along with a virtually infinite number of variations of this type of request.

This means that you will get a follower in exchange for following them. It’s considered rude behavior to unfollow as soon as the other person follows, so do try to be kind.

get likes on instagram

10. Tag influencers to find out how to get more likes on Instagram

You may be friends with influencers or even work with them. Tag them in your photos or even mention them with an @ symbol in your post. Increased visibility is always good news for you and it will help you in your quest for how to get likes on Instagram.

get likes on instagram

11. Share behind the scenes tidbits about your industry

get instagram likes

As you find your way around Instagram, you will quickly realize that you’re now part of a big industry and many of your followers have an interest in this business.

Give them a behind-the-scenes look at your creative or industrial process. Share photos that are rarely ever seen by followers, or even “progress shots” about how you go about your daily routine at work. This is a must for Instagram users that own a business!

get instagram likes

12. Follow and interact with other users

Finding out how to get more likes on Instagram gets easier as you become aware of the community that exists on Instagram. Don’t be an island…interact on the pages of other users you follow.

Don’t just like—comment, ask questions and start a conversation!

You can also follow some industry movers and shakers—regardless of whether they follow you or not. Some users actually make it a point to follow “followers” of major personalities, celebrities and public figures. Of course, the best case scenario is a major influencer mentioning you by name, which brings loads of attention!

how to get more likes on instagram

13. Post inspirational quotes and get Instagram likes

get instagram likes

You don’t have to post pictures of yourself or exquisite natural beauty in every post just to get more likes on Instagram. Break up the formula with some inspirational quotes that are important to you personally—and will probably touch your targeted audience in all the right places.

Avoid clichés or beating dead horses, of course. People tend to not like overly corny posts.

how to get more likes on instagram

14. Create a giveaway / contest event

One of the easiest ways to find out how to get more likes on Instagram is by giving away a prize and taking a beautiful shot of that prize to build anticipation. People love free things and will usually enter just for the heck of it.

Obviously, make one of the conditions for winning that they “like and follow” your account.

how to get more likes on instagram

15. Venture out locally

Tag local locations when you visit them and also look up popular hashtags from your city and try to connect with them. You can also select the “add a location” option which allows you to geo-tag where you are, which will get the attention of the local community and help you figure out how to get more likes on Instagram.

WishPond’s Blog actually suggests you look up your local city or town and see what the most popular hashtags are, then capitalize on them.

how to get likes on instagram

16. Find out how to get more likes on Instagram with special features

Instagram has a number of dramatic features designed to make you stand out.

how to get likes on instagram

You can create videos (how to, behind the scenes or highlighting yourself) or even loop a video using the Boomerang option.

how to get more likes on instagram

Go “Live” and immediately let everyone online know something’s going on and have conversations with your followers. Interaction does get likes for Instagram because remember that Instagram will often report these interactions to friends and followers via notifications.

get instagram likes

Instagram Stories lets you post a video or a picture as a conversation piece.

get likes on instagram

You can also select “Carousels” and create a narrative of images that can be swiped one right after the other. This is a great way to tell your story and lead them directly to your website.

get likes on instagram

17. Use Instagram Ads to promote your best posts

One of the best ways to get more likes on Instagram is to use the paid ads options. Instagram Ads are ideal for attracting new customers and audiences by boosting your post beyond the average hashtag limits.

how to get likes on instagram

18. Feature your biggest fans

how to get more likes on instagram

Not only can you photograph your biggest fans and share that beautiful image with the world (people do love to post pictures of themselves ), but you can also reach out to your following and get them to create “user-generated content” for you.

Get their creative juices flowing by asking them to post pictures, memes, art, or photos related to your brand. Be careful about putting too many rules or limits on their creativity.

Be grateful for the cooperation and reward your biggest fans with attention. These very awesome fans are so important in the business world they’re actually colloquially called “Brand Evangelists” because they spread the word for you.

Let your audience shine along with you. You want to get more likes on Instagram and they want to be featured all over the Internet.

It’s a quid pro quo deal and it makes everyone happy.

There are also Instagram tools that can help you with reposting on Instagram, since it’s not a regular feature.

get instagram likes

19. Go outside of Instagram to promote Instagram likes

Don’t limit your efforts to just Instagram in order to get likes. That means you should reach out to promote your Instagram account on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and whatever other social media network you use.

Someone who really likes you on Twitter might be curious to know what you do on Instagram!

how to get more likes on instagram

20. Take photos of your product (if you have one) EVERYWHERE

It’s a bit of a gimmick by now, but if the photo itself is of great quality, it still works! Discover how to get more likes on Instagram by photographing you or your product “in the wild” or in an unusual location.

Going on vacation? Visiting a friend? Enjoying an event? Take your product and highlight it, putting it in a number of different settings.

likes for instagram

how to get likes on instagram

21. BONUS: Buy Instagram likes

Did you know you can boost the number of likes on your account by simply buying them? When you’re learning how to get more likes on Instagram, don’t discount this method but make sure to do it safely and use legitimate sources.

In conclusion, the key to learning how to get more likes on Instagram is to experiment with lots of options, track the results and follow the trends that seem to work. Keep up the good work and before you know it, you will have a loyal following which will undoubtedly grow over time! And of course, this will help you make money on Instagram.

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