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Even though the internet takes up constantly more of our time and pretty much everybody is online, people with great skills in translation are still needed. The auto translations you can get out there are still pretty bad, so if you are great at languages you may offer these services to other. Translation is a great way to make money freelancing and in this article, we’ll show you how to do it.

Make money from Translations

English is one of the most popular languages on the internet, but not everyone feels comfortable communicating in a second language and that again means people who are able to translate from English to English and vice versa are needed.

Speaking German or Spanish too is nothing but an advantage. But in fact any language you are good at will get you a job.

If you want to promote yourself and your language skills, we strongly encourage you to check out Fiverr.

On this site it is possible to sell ´gigs´ starting at $5 and all of them have ´Writing and communication´ sections where people offer gigs for proofreading or translations. Also ´creative writing´ gigs are available.

You can set up an account within 5 minutes, making you able to make money online translating very fast. If you are a more experienced and well-received translator, you can command much higher fees, of course. Some translators can easily command 50 dollars per 1000 words. If you are interested in signing up for free, go to their site right here, or click on the icon below.

This is how you do:

In order to start making money, start by setting up an account at Fiverr or some other site that offers the kind of gigs that are right for you. The sign up procedure is pretty much standard at all sites. Just press ´Join´ and fill out the information, it is pretty much a no-brainer. Having signed up you are good to go. Start by creating the ´gig´ you would like to offer e.g. if it is translation then simply create a ´gig´ in the section for ´writing and translation´.

What gives you a lot of jobs?

Unfortunately there is not an easy answer to this since it depends on several things: number of sellers of your specific service, how common is the language you offer and other things such as your personal description and/or presentation video of your service.

How much can I make?

It all depends on primarily the amount of gigs people order from your service and second the time and work you put in it. If you are decent at e.g. English or German and a fast writer you can make yourself some decent money.

You should notice though, that if you are dreaming of becoming a millionaire Fiverr might not be the place for you. On the other hand if you love to write or translate and do in it your spare time anyway then why not get paid doing your what you love?

The prize for a standard gig is $5. Signing up at Fiverr is free but they take a fee (20%) of your earnings meaning for every $5 gig you get to keep 4 your self.

Sometimes people need a job done instant and are willing to pay extra for the ´fast delivery service´.

If you are serious about making this into a really good source of income, you’re gonna have to put in some effort to increase your translating skills. Just because you speak a language does not mean you will deliver good work. If you want to be successful and get recurring clients that appreciate your service and talents, we recommend taking some sort of course to improve your translation (and general writing) skills.

how to become a freelancer

The best portal to do this is Udemy, where you can find thousands upon thousands of courses for just about any skill you can think of. You can find them on this site, or click on the icon to see what they can offer.

In order to cashout any earnings you need have a PayPal account. PayPal is a free and secure online payment system which let you transfer your money to your bankaccount.

If this way of making money suits you it might be an idea to ask buyers to maintain contact by Skype or email since this often leads to a better business relationship and at the same time you save the fees which is still 20% of your total earnings. If you’d like to learn some advanced ways to get translation work other than with freelance platforms, you can read our guide to finding online jobs.

Good luck !

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