The 20 Most Common Work at Home Jobs

The 20 most common work at home jobs

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Many people today aspire to work from home or find an online job, and studies show that roughly 40 percent of the American workforce telecommutes at least part time, and those numbers are only expected to rise.

A recent study done by GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics found that work from home jobs are on the rise in every sector of employment, increasing by 80 percent from 2005 to 2012. The biggest growth was seen in state government jobs, where work-from-home positions increased by 122 percent. Telecommuting positions rose by 80 percent in nonprofits and by 70 percent with for-profit companies, while local governments increased telecommuting positions by 62 percent during that time frame.

But just who is working at home? The website FlexJobs, which helps people find telecommuting jobs that allow them to work from home, recently analyzed the job titles of available listings to find out which job titles are most common among stay-at-home workers. Here is a list of the top 20 job titles, ranging from freelance jobs, to those working for companies, and more.

  1. Writer
  2. Consultant
  3. Customer Service Representative or Customer Service Associate
  4. Sales associate or Sales Representative
  5. Engineer
  6. Account Executive or Account Manager
  7. Software Developer
  8. Case manager
  9. Medical coder or Medical Coding Specialist
  10. Adjunct Professor
  11. Systems Analyst
  12. Program Manager or Project Manager
  13. UI Designer or UX Designer
  14. Travel Counselor
  15. Insurance Adjuster
  16. Graphic Designer or Graphic Design Specialist
  17. Foreighn Language Interpreter
  18. SEO and Marketing Assistant
  19. Director of Business Development
  20. Virtual Assistant

The 20 most common work at home jobsSome of these positions are entry-level jobs that require little or no experience, while others require special training, some college or a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree. Of course, the best paying jobs would be those that require more than just a high school diploma.

Stay-at-home job titles are found in a wide variety of industries. The most common job categories for jobs that involve working entirely at home or telecommuting at least part of the time include:

  1. Health Care
  2. Education
  3. Sales
  4. Information technology
  5. Administrative fields

Many people who work from home are self-employed or are independent contractors, but job opportunities with employers that involve telecommuting are becoming increasingly common. You might even start your own business from home in something like cryptocurrency trading.

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