Ways for Stay at Home Parents to Make Money at Home

Ways Home Parents Make Money at Home

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Being a stay at home mom or dad is a full-time job in and of itself, but unfortunately, it’s not one that you get paid for. Many stay at home parents are looking for ways to make extra money while taking care of their children, so that they can contribute to the family income. If you’re one of them, you need to be careful, as there are many scams that target stay at home parents and single parents; however, there are some reputable companies that can help you earn money and some other ways to make money from home.

Here are three ideas that are perfect for stay at home parents:

1. Make Money Watching Television

Viggle is a service that pays you money for watching television! To use it, you download an iOS or Android app to your phone or tablet. Then, when a show comes on, you tap to check in. Then, the app listens in to confirm that you’re watching the show that you specified. You can earn credits for every minute of television that you watch for up to 12 hours. 

Additional credits are available for doing things like answering trivia questions, staying tuned in for the commercials and watching more than one episode of a show. The money that you make from the app can quickly add up; one woman made enough that she was able to remodel her home using nothing but the income from Viggle.

2. Turn Your Hobby Into Money

If you do any type of arts and crafts as a hobby, you can translate your creative skill and talent into a source of income by selling on Etsy. The website is a marketplace for handmade goods that allows you to sell everything from artwork to clothing to gifts. You can set up your own store, take photos of the products that are available and write descriptions for the products in an afternoon and start earning money right away. Amazon Handmade is a newer marketplace site that is similar to Etsy and another place to try selling crafts and artwork.

3. Put Your Skills to Use

Home Parents Make Money at HomeWhat are you good at doing? Working out at the gym? Planning healthy menus? Organizing your home? Set up a service where you provide advice to other people that you meet right from home using Skype. One stay-at-home dad who is physically fit was able to launch a successful business as a long-distance personal trainer.

He puts together fitness programs for clients and then helps them work out one or more days for week without leaving home and makes a handsome fee of $150 per one hour of training. To launch your business, you’ll need a website or you can find a marketplace site that lets you advertise your services to the public.

4. Blogging About Your Kids Or Parenting Journey

Parenting can be challenging and some of the best blogs out there help parents navigate the journey. There’s a good reason why mommy blogs are a great way to making money blogging and can even turn into full-time online jobs! Some parents start blogs that make so much money that they build entire businesses based off of them. They hire people to fill freelance jobs as they create e-books, coaching programs, and more. You can tell your own unique parenting story, connect with other parents like you and earn money from it too!

Other ideas for working from home

If the three mentioned ideas for working at home still aren’t exactly what you find interesting, you should definetly see the earningsmethods we have listed on this page. Here you can see the best ways of earning quick and easy money, and all the stuff can be done from home!

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