6 Ways to Get a Home Work to Function

6 ways to get a home work to function

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For many it sounds just perfekt to be able to work from home – you can sleep in, keep on your sweatpants and meet with friends in the afternoon. The internet is stuffed with ads about work, that can be done from home, which is ideal for students, who without doubt could use a little extra pocket money.

Unfortunately it’s harder than you would’ve thought, so MoolahNinjas.com has collected a few tips and tricks for how you can make it work.

1. Find the right job

You have taken the decision about working at home, put the tea on the pot, put your feet up and now only lack one thing: The job.

It’s really important – and we can’t emphasize it enough – that you take it seriously. To find a home work, is exactly the same as finding a normal job. You will have to write profiles and applications, and when you get a job, you will of course have a deadline to keep and some requirements to live up to. As with everything else, effort and profit goes hand in hand, so if you don’t intend to do it 100%, then don’t.

If you’re not yet scared away, it’s time to start your job application. There’s countless online job sites out there, so it’s just to start. MoolahNinjas.com recommends the sites gumtree.com and jobs.theguardian.com

You can also choose to find freelance jobs, which often give a greater amount of flexibility and variety of work tasks.

2. Don’t get scammed

The expression “too good to be true” (almost) always holds true on the internet, so pay attention! You can just as well forget to get paid 100 dollars per hour, because there’s simply no one who’s willing to pay that – unless you are a top professional within some uncommon area like trading cryptocurrency.

When you read a job ad online, always do a bit of research before you apply – exactly as if it was any other job. And always expect at least to have to implement a phone interview before possibly getting a job offer.

You’ve probably heard it a lot of times before, but never trust anyone blindly – especially someone you’ve never met. It can in worst case end up with you do doing work without payment, or maybe even lose money.

3. Turn up the will power

To lay in bedwhile the money roll in, doesn’t sound too bad, but it takes a lot of will power not to just roll over and snooze on.

When you work from home, no one is going to call you, if you’re late or in any other way is after you, if you don’t get your things done. Therefore it is entirely up to you to keep a certain attitude to work going. Also when your roommates initiates a FIFA-tournament…

4. Avoid loneliness

6 ways to get a home work to functionOn the same time as home work can be the furthermost social job in the world, where you have time for meeting your friends for a draft beer in the afternoon, it can at the same time also be the loneliest job in the world. When you work from home you won’t be able to complain over the new boss at the water dispenser in the break or throw paper planes to the guy in the neighboring stall.

As home worker you will have to actively seek all sorts of social togetherness, if you don’t wish to sit alone at home all day.

5. Don’t work too many hours

It can easily tempt to take extra hours, when the hours take place at home in the sofa. Put beware that you don’t forget other obligations – maybe you have an english essay or a math rapport that awaits?

Don’t let the possibility of earning money from home and now take the time from your actual focus, your study. Most universities recommend that you as a student don’t work more than 15 hours per week, if you should also have time for your studies.

6. Get used to working independently

Even though most companies are good at guiding you in your work and answering questions, you shouldn’t expect that they are ready for answering your e-mail at 3 am.

Therefore you as a home worker need to get used to that help is to find between 9 and 5, whereafter you will have to manage yourself. A good idea is to make an overview over, what you want to do that day, and look after if there’s something you are in doubt of. That way you will be able to ask your questions in the middle of the day and work undisturbed in the evening, if that’s when you work the best.

Though it need to be said that…

Home work can function very well! If you’re not completely scared off from above and are set to make an effort to find the right job, then you have a good possibility to get yourself the (maybe) best possible student job.

The obvious benefits of working from home, is primarily that you don’t have to usa a lot of money to go to and from work, and in addition that you kan work whenever in the day it suits you – what a flexibility that provides!

But if you’re a bit scared after this guide, don’t worry! On MoolahNinjas.com,  we have loads of other guides for how you can earn a little extra pocket money.

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