Kevin Meng Freelancing and Copywriting Expert
Kevin Meng Freelancing and Copywriting Expert

Kevin Meng

Freelancing and Copywriting Expert

Oh, hey. Fancy seeing you here.

Name’s Kevin, and I’ve been known to write a word or two! I’m a full-time copywriter and blog writer for some big-name digital marketing agencies – you probably haven’t heard of them…

I built my freelancing career from scratch while living in a tiny room – no degree, no samples, no experience, and 0 connections. Now, I travel the world writing from my laptop, working as much or as little as I want every day.

If I can do it, anyone can!

I want to help you achieve your dreams of starting a writing career! I’ll cover everything I’ve learned in my 6 years of writing, from creating samples out of thin air to landing your first client and raising rates!

The #1 thing I tell aspiring writers is this is WAY EASIER THAN YOU THINK IT IS! Get started today and you’ll be glad you did!

When not writing, I am playing Metallica covers on guitar \m/ or shooting hoops on the beach in Vietnam!

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