21 Easy Work-From-Home Jobs That Anyone Can Do

Work From Home

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Forget working your life away… Find out how to work from home and make life work your way.

“But what’s so great about working from home, Kevin?”

You choose when to wake up, tackle tasks, and take breaks. You choose who and what you work on. You choose purely and only what’s best for you.

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities you can access without stepping one foot from your front door. Whatever your situation or background may be, there is a perfect solution waiting for you. We’ve made this article to help you find it.

From what you’ll need, to the pro’s and con’s of 21 different methods – read on to find your perfect fit today!

To begin, you’ll need to:
learn work from home
1. Discover what’s possible
Work from home
2. Determine what’s best for you
Work from home
3. Decide where & how you’ll work
Work from home
4. Understand and agree with the pros and cons of working from home
Work from home
5. Make it happen!!

Here, you can read a detailed guide about how to get started and the best methods to do so. You’ll know what to do to get started, what tools can help you succeed, the pros and cons, and more!


Here’s how we rate our methods! Use this as your key to quickly discover the best one for you.

Total Time

Based on two factors Startup and Payment:

‘Startup’ compares how much time you’ll need before you start working. Similarly, ‘Payment’ compares how long it takes to start earning money.


This compares how hard it is to do. Keep in mind that harder tasks usually offer higher pay.

Potential Earnings​

This compares how much money you can make after learning the basics and getting started.

1. Become a Freelancer

Work From Home through Freelance

A fast and affordable way to take skills you already have and start working from home today!

A freelancer is someone who offers their skills & services to different clients online. Many businesses look for freelancers when they need ‘one-time’ jobs done. With so many opportunities, there’s no limit to what you could do!

Here are some popular freelancing skill sets:

  • Article writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web design
  • Programming and software development
  • Copywriting



Startup: Fast

  • It takes a few minutes to make a profile on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Payment: Fast

  • You can demand your client to pay you the full amount upfront, give a downpayment before starting a project, or pay after the project is finished.

It’s easy if you already have marketable skills, a portfolio to show potential clients, and know how to freelance successfully.

It depends on the freelance service you offer.

How to get started:

2. Answer Paid Surveys

We all love sharing our opinions. Sports, politics, fashion- you name it! But have you ever considered getting paid to give your opinion?

Work from home through paid survey

Many companies will pay to hear what you have to say. It’s part of their product development research, so if you fit their target audience your opinion is valuable to them!

Now, this won’t make you thousands, but over time it can add up to a nice chunk of cash in your pocket. Best of all, it’s super easy to do!

Here are some of the best sites for taking paid surveys:


Earn up to $50 on your first day,
$10-$20 every day after that

Visit Page

Earn $5-$20 by taking a survey in just 3 minutes

Visit Page

Get between $0.50 and $10 per survey

Visit Page

Take a survey and earn $15 per hour!

Visit Page



Startup: Fast

  • Registering takes a few minutes.

Payment: Slow

  • You might have to wait until you’ve earned a certain amount before you can withdraw it.

It’s typically easy to access paid surveys.

You earn between $1 – $5 per paid survey.

How to get started:

3. Start Blogging

Work from home through blogging

This method requires quite a bit of patience, but blogging can be very rewarding. It’ can be a lot of fun to blog, and you can gain exposure for yourself, build your resume, and more while making money!

It’s also independent work, as you can do whatever you want with your blog without being accountable to any employer or boss.

Blogging requires knowledge in different areas that can take time to learn. You have to know how to make a website, write good content, and find ways to make money from your content. One way to make money is through affiliate marketing.

Start promoting products and services, and earn commission by joining an affiliate program.
ShareASale Logo
  • Very active affiliate marketing portal
  • New products are being added every day
  • Payouts are always on time
MaxBounty Logo
  • Most famous ‘Cost-Per-Action’ advertising companies globally
  • Made up of thousands of campaigns and affiliates
  • Specialized in maximizing ROI of both advertisers and affiliates

Unlike the previous two methods, blogging takes much longer to start earning money. We suggest doing it alongside another method and just enjoying the process!

Blogging eventually creates a passive income stream when done correctly. This means you’ll see money constantly rolling into your bank account after doing the hard work upfront!

You can start your blogging career with any of these platforms:



Startup: Medium

  • Starting a blog can take a few minutes, but producing quality content takes time.

Payment: Slow

Blogging is more than just writing about your thoughts on something. Your content has to be strategic and interesting enough to attract a loyal readership and sponsorships.

With great content, a large following, and good monetization, it’s possible to earn $5,000+ per month!

How to get started:

4. Trade With Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency has made 1000’s of people insanely wealthy. It’s more difficult now, but with the right tools, it can still be easy to earn +30% profits (and up) per month!

Traded similarly to the stock and forex markets, cryptocurrency is unique as the prices move around rapidly. This gives traders an opportunity to make massive profits that no other market can offer.

As a beginner, don’t worry about understanding everything. We have a full cryptocurrency guide to get you started!

Trading is one of the most popular methods to earn cryptocurrencies. Trade with these platforms and make more money!
profitfarmers copy trading platform logo
Favourite Tool
  • Semi- Automate Trading
  • Copy Experts and Algorithms
  • Trade over 150 Cryptos
  • Option to buy cryptos with credit card
Naga Logo
  • Social investing network
  • Commission-free stock trading

The easiest way to begin is by using trading software.

Luckily for you, we’ve recently discovered software that automates the whole trading process through clever algorithms and software.

There’s no learning curve, and you can instantly make profitable trades from day 1! We’ve tested it ourselves, and you can check out our review here.



Startup: Fast

Payment: Fast

  • Transactions are instant so profits can be earned immediately.

You must spend time learning. To make it easier, you can make use of trading softwares and this crash course on cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile (The prices move around a lot). This volatility makes it possible for a trader to earn 100% profit gains and up within an hour!

How to get started:

5. Build a Social Media Following on Instagram

Work from home through Instagram

Instagram is one of the hottest social media apps now. With over 500 million daily users, there are lots of opportunities to get noticed, build an audience, and start earning!

Some money-making ideas include:

  • Choose to be known for a certain niche (fitness, travel, etc.) and post quality content (best way to attract followers AND get potential sponsors!)
  • Become an affiliate marketer and get your followers to click or purchase on the ads you post
  • Sell items via Instagram
    • To save yourself a logistical nightmare, you can make use of dropshipping services from Spocket. They act as the middleman to take supplies from your supplier directly to your buyer.
  • Use Instagram to promote your other businesses or personal channels.
Looking for where to buy shoutouts, sell your account, and become an influencer on Instagram?

We recommend you to register on these sites:

Buy Shoutouts
Sell your Instagram account
Influencer Platform



Startup: Medium

  • Creating an Instagram account takes a few minutes. But, gathering a loyal following can take more than a few months if you don’t have a solid plan.

Payment: Slow

  • Most of your earnings come from sponsorships, affiliate ads, or selling something on Instagram. It’s easier to earn more when you have more followers.

Getting followers to engage with you and convert into customers takes time, even when using the right strategies.

The more followers you have, the more you could get paid by sponsors and affiliates.

How to get started:

  • Read the latest guide on making money with Instagram.
  • Open a business account.
  • Pick your niche and aesthetic style.
  • Start posting!

6. Make Youtube Videos

Work from Home through Making YouTube Videos

Nowadays, it’s almost as if there’s another youtube millionaire appearing every week! Most start by making content they’re passionate about and eventually make money by monetizing their views, one way or another.

It’s actually pretty crazy how fast you can become a YouTube celebrity and earn money. You can also use Google’s AdSense network to make a passive income whenever people click on ads that play or show near your videos too.

Making and earning from YouTube videos is a dream job for many, especially the more creative types..

With at least 1,000 subscribers, here are the best ways to monetize your videos:

  • Selling products and making use of dropshipping services, like Spocket.
  • Joining Youtube’s Partner Program and getting a cut from every ad that plays on your videos.
  • Getting a commission whenever your viewers click and purchase from an ad of an affiliate partner.
  • Promoting products and services from a sponsor.
Make your Youtube Channel successful by signing up for these great help tools for YouTube.
vidIQ Logo

Helps you get more views on YouTube

Canva Logo

Helps you create YouTube thumbnails and templates



Startup: Fast

  • Signing up takes a few minutes. However, making and editing your first video can take time.

Payment: Slow

  • To get paid from ad views, you need to gain at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watching hours. This can take months to years.

Producing quality content requires effort, people won’t watch low-quality videos.

Ads are worth an average of $0.18 per view. Multiply this by 1,000 subscribers who viewed the ad on your video, and you’ve got $18. The more subscribers and viewers you have, the higher you can earn.

How to get started:

  • Read a step-by-step guide to help you maximize how much you can earn on YouTube
  • Choose a niche
  • Have a good camera that suits your preferences
  • Know basic video-editing skills

7. Translate Languages

Do you speak more than 1 language fluently? If so, you can make money from home doing freelance translation tasks!

There’s a constant need for translations in a world that’s becoming more and more connected. All you need to get started is a computer and an internet connection!

You can find jobs on translation sites that offer a fixed-rate salary. However, you’ll get more control over how much you earn by advertising your services on:

Your own website



Startup: Fast

  • Just set up an account and post your skills!

Payment: Fast

  • This depends on the agreement with your client. Generally, you’ll get paid after you finish a task.

Some texts will be harder to translate than others, so sometimes you’ll need to spend more time than usual.

The amount of money you earn depends on many factors such as the language pair, the type of document, and your experience.

How to get started:

8. Design Websites

Before you think, “Web Designer? I have no training or knowledge about that!” know that it’s possible to make a website in less than 5 minutes with no coding experience whatsoever.

Over the past few years, making a website has become something that pretty much anyone can figure out. This means that even without experience building websites, it’s entirely possible to make a living from it.

There’s a massive demand for websites that you can benefit from. Most websites sell between 700$ and 2500$, so with just a few sales, it can quickly turn into a lot of money.

If you think you’re ready for it, advertise your skills on these platforms:



Startup: Slow

  • You can use drag-and-drop software to build pages in just a few minutes. However, if you want to make more money, you’ll need to invest time learning web design. Online courses can take 1-4 months to complete.

Payment: Slow

  • You’re typically paid per stage of completion (split up into 4 stages), depending on your client.

There are lots of skills required to be a good web designer such as an understanding of UX/UI, graphic design, SEO, and fluency in a programming language.

Beginners can earn $40,000 annually. Experienced designers earn anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000+

How to get started:

  • Learn more about web design (you can take courses from Udemy)
  • Have a working computer.
  • Have a good internet connection.
  • Practice & design your own website by making a blog.

9. Become A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (V.A) is a remote worker that performs various tasks for one or more businesses. Whether you choose your own hours or not depends on the company, just look around and choose an offer that suits you!

Find clients at these sites:



Startup: Fast

  • It takes a few minutes to sign up and create a profile.

Payment: Fast

  • Typically, you’re paid per hour.

 Virtual assistants usually do administrative and clerical tasks.

General VAs earn an average of $6-7 per hour, while highly skilled VAs can charge up to $40 or more per hour.

How to get started:

10. Advertise Yourself as a Copywriter

Work from Home through Advertising as Copywriter

Short, powerful text. Big, juicy paychecks…

That’s the name of the game with copywriting! Unlike content writing where you inform and express ideas, copywriting’s main goal is directing readers to take a specific action. This could be signing up, purchasing, clicking, or whatever your client is looking to accomplish!

You don’t need to be a top-class writer to make good copy, as natural, conversational-style language tends to work best. Get this; experienced copywriters can charge $10,000+ for a single sales page!

If you want to be taken seriously, creating a website to advertise your services is the way to go. But there are other ways you can find clients too:

  • Reaching out to businesses via social media
  • Posting your skills on LinkedIn
  • Joining Facebook groups of copywriters
  • Creating a profile on freelancing platforms such as Guru or Upwork.



Startup: Fast

  • Advertise your services on freelancing platforms within a day.

Payment: Medium

  • You can get paid upon completion with a down payment before starting, or by receiving a commission for every sale your writing brings in.

Copywriting is all about using emotion to make readers take action. Usually, the goal is to get them to BUY without sounding forceful. This involves clever wordplay, sales psychology, and SEO knowledge.

You’d generally charge per project, and sometimes earn a percentage cut every time a client makes a sale from using the copy.

How to get started:

  • Check out 3 ways you can make some cash with your writing skills
  • Create your own website which can double as your copywriting portfolio
  • Make a profile on any freelancing platform
  • Advertise your services on every online channel possible

11. Teach Courses or Tutor Online

Work from home through online teaching

Teaching online is a great way to sell your knowledge or expertise. You just need a computer, webcam, and internet connection to get started as a ‘tutor’ or ‘teacher’.

The number of topics are unlimited, just connect with an interested audience and you can easily make good money teaching.

Good at the guitar? Then offer to teach someone! Fluent in a foreign language? Offer classes for both adults and children respectively! The opportunities are endless…

You can do freelance work, but there are sites that connect you to students to make it easier to get started.

For tutoring:

For teaching:



Startup: Medium

  • Setting up takes a few minutes but finding a client can take a while.
  • If you make courses this can require more time.

Payment: Medium

You may already have an area of expertise, but you must constantly stay updated on the latest developments. This is especially important if you want to stand out against the competition

  • Tutors typically earn just above the minimum wage.. Earnings can go up with certified knowledge for a particular subject.
  • Teachers can make $1,000-$10,000+ a month!

How to get started:

  • Have a computer with a web camera
  • Have a good internet connection
  • Own a good set of headphones with a microphone

12. Open An Online Store

Thanks to the internet, you can sell products around the world without leaving your living room!

If you’re starting a small store, doing it online is the way to go. No overheads like rent or electricity, you can manage the whole thing on your own, and you can sell to an unlimited number of people!

Once you’ve made a plan, it’s time to spread the word. Here are various ways to do it:

logo of Spocket - print-on-demand dropshipping website
Are you looking for an easy way to do dropshipping?

Spocket has many products, good customer support, and fast shipping. They are our favourite choice.



Startup: Medium

  • Making a social media page usually takes a few minutes.
  • Making your own website or building one on eCommerce sites may take a bit longer. In addition, advertising it so you can get visitors also takes awhile.

Payment: Fast

  • Get cash in your account as soon as you make a sale.
  • Very high global competition to compete with.
  • It can take days or months to get customers to start purchasing from you.

It depends on the profit you make per the products you sell!

How to get started:

  • Create a social media page on sites like Facebook and Instagram and/or create an online store in an eCommerce site
  • Find a reliable shipping company
  • Use an integrated payment processor that accepts all major credit cards
  • Research on ways to improve your product/service
  • Find ways to advertise your business

13. Write Your Own eBook and Sell It

Before, only a lucky few writers were able to publish their books for the world to read. But in our modern age, it’s easier than ever to self-publish and promote your work online.

You can publish your work through an eBook. Compatible on almost any device, this is an easy way to get your book in the hands of a world-wide audience without the hassle of going through publishing houses!

Here are some sites where you could sell your ebook:

Your own website



Startup: Slow

  • Writing a book can take anywhere from a few weeks to years!

Payment: Medium

Writing requires a good balance of logic and creativity, as well as attention to detail.

How much you earn depends on many factors, so there’s not really an ‘average earnings’ so to say. It could range from $20 a month up to $50,000+

How to get started:

14. Sell Photos and Art

Work from Home by Selling Photos

Put your artistic skills to good use by selling your finished work! This method is best if you’ve been a freelance photographer for a long time or make art during your free time. Instead of calling yourself a so-called “starving artist”, be a successful one!

Here are some money-making ways to show your skills:

  • Post your artwork on Instagram and take commissions or orders
  • Make a Facebook page for selling your art
  • If you’ve had a good engagement with your followers, you can request them to fund your artistic pursuits through Patreon or similar platforms
  • Sell your artistic photos on Etsy
  • Sell stock photos on Alamy and Shutterstock.
  • Advertise as a freelance artist on platforms like Upwork



Startup: Medium

  • Making good artwork or producing a quality photo may take hours to days.

Payment: Fast

  • By selling art on personal channels, you get paid as soon as the sale is completed. However, if you’re selling on a third-party platform like Alamy for photos and Etsy for art in general, there’s a set payment schedule.

Making good art or photos won’t be a problem if you are artistically-inclined. However, marketing your work can be hard.

If you’re fast and can produce a lot of art or finish a few high quality ones, you can earn enough to make this a huge source of income.

How to get started:

  • Possess a natural artistic skill
  • Have the right materials for your artwork or photo
  • Have a good knowledge of proper marketing techniques
  • Choose a platform to sell your work

15. Sell on Amazon

Work from Home by Selling on Amazon

If you want a big reach with your online shop, selling on Amazon is the way to go. Established in 1994, Amazon has grown to be the most popular online retailer worldwide. It offers two types of seller plans:

  • Individual Plan – Amazon gets $0.99 per item you sell plus other fees. This is a good choice if you’re selling less than 40 items per month.
  • Professional Plan – You’re charged $39.99 per month plus other fees if you sell more than 40 items per month.

Choosing a profitable product to sell depends on your interests, market research, and capital.



Startup: Medium

  • It may take a few days to a month before you can start posting items, as they review your application first.

Payment: Medium

Your items must meet Amazon’s approval and find ways to stand out among the competition by placing the right keywords, gathering lots of positive feedback, etc.

Sellers can earn $1,000 to $25,000 a month. However, it’s possible to earn $25,000 to $250,000 a month if your products are in high demand!

How to get started:

  • Have a supplier of items you want to sell
  • Decide which Amazon selling account you want to open
  • Research on ways to be profitable on Amazon amid the competition

16. Transcribe Audio and Video Files

Are you a good listener with fast typing skills? If so, you could make money transcribing. You simply turn audio into text! With a computer and an internet connection, you’re ready to go.

There are three categories of industries that hire transcriptionists:

  • General
  • Legal
  • Medical

“General” is any type of content that does not require specialized knowledge. It can be anything from a YouTube video, a podcast, a documentary, or a seminar. Medical and legal tend to pay higher but may require some previous experience studying or working in those fields.

Here are some places where you can apply for transcriptionist jobs:



Startup: Medium

  • Some clients require you to undergo training before you start transcribing.

Payment: Fast

  • Some sites will pay you once a week, while others might pay you once you finish transcribing.

This type of work requires a lot of focus, which can become exhausting.

The average hourly salary is $15-$18 depending on your area, but other transcriptionists can earn as much as $2,200+ per month.

How to get started:

  • Have fast typing skills, good listening skills, good grammar, and attention to detail
  • Own a computer with a stable internet connection
  • Own a quality headset
  • Have a distraction-free environment

17. Sell handmade products

Work from home through handmade products

If you enjoy creating things, you can use that to make money from home!

Things like attention to detail and limited quantities are what make handmade products so sought after. Don’t forget to explain why you’re passionate, people buy into brands & stories just as much as products!

Some great places to sell:

logo of Spocket - print-on-demand dropshipping website
Are you looking for an easy way to do dropshipping?

Spocket has many products, good customer support, and fast shipping. They are our favourite choice.



Startup: Slow

  • It can take hours or days to make an item.

Payment: Fast

  • Buyers will typically pay upfront.

It takes skill, time, and effort to produce quality handmade products. Sometimes, you might end up making a mistake, and your product cannot be sold anymore despite the time and effort you’ve invested in it.

Handmade items like jewelry or furniture can be sold for $1,000+

How to get started:

  • Have the necessary materials and tools for your product.
  • Have a clean and proper working environment

18. Start a Podcast

Work from home through podcast

If you love to talk about different ideas and ongoing topics, then perhaps podcasting is for you!

Since podcasts are online, your reach is literally unlimited!. Podcasts can also be a great complement to an existing business! Use it to talk about your products and services while building a connection with your audience.

Here are five ways to get paid podcasting:

  • Join affiliate programs and promote inside your podcasts.
  • Get sponsorships.
  • Offer exclusive content for a subscription fee.
  • Crowdfunding a business idea.
  • Promote your existing business, establish yourself as an authority while attracting new prospects.
Share your stories and let the world know about it through Podcasts while earning money too. Start your Podcast today with these platforms!
BuzzSprout Logo
  • Sign up for Free
  • Start podcast for 90 days
  • No credit card required, Cancel anytime, No contracts.
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  • Free Sign Up for Basic
  • Money-Back and Uptime Guarantee
  • Built-in monetization options
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  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Create unlimited podcasts with Captivate
  • Podcaster : $19 a month – 12,000 downloads per month



Startup: Fast

  • Recording yourself to discuss any topic of your choice is quickly done, especially if you don’t need a lot of editing.

Payment: Slow

  • Most sponsors require at least 1000 subscribers to consider working with you.

Recording yourself is easy, but having a steady list of ideas, a regular posting schedule and listening to your audience’s feedback is much harder to do.

It’s possible to earn as much as $1,000,000 a year. This is usually from sponsors, ads(getting paid per 1,000 downloads), and offering exclusive paid content.

How to get started:

  • Have a good audio recording device
  • Have an audio editing software
  • Create a plan for your topics and schedule them
  • Choose a platform to host your podcasts

19. Create and Design T-shirts

Work from home through designing tshirts

Do you enjoy designing unique art that can spark up a conversation?

If you do, you could definitely create and design t-shirts! As long as you have wit and creativity plus some photoshop skills, you can begin with this business idea.

Here are some sites where you can create and sell your designs:



Startup: Medium

  • It’s easy to design shirts and post them on your site. It can be more challenging making custom designs…

Payment: Fast

  • You’re paid as soon as a sale is complete.

Creating designs that your target market wants to buy can take time.

You can easily earn $3,000+ per month with the right market and designs.

How to get started:

  • Install a photo-editing software
  • Decide how you want to advertise your shirt designs
  • Sign up to one of the recommended T-shirt selling websites

20. Do Remote Tasks with Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers available worldwide. As such, they have a high need for customer service representatives, data entry typists, and more!

If you’re looking for something seasonal or full-time, you can head over to Amazon’s Virtual Locations site.

But if you want something non-committal and easy to do, check out Amazon Mechanical Turk. This is a site where there’s always thousands of micro-tasks available to do. Best of all, they don’t require a lot of special skills, there’s no set hour or schedule to finish, and you can do up to 100 or more short tasks in a day!

Here are sample tasks you can expect to do on Amazon mTurk:

  • Selecting the correct spelling for search terms
  • Checking if a website is suitable for a general audience
  • Finding the item number of a product in an image
  • Rating the search results for a particular set of keywords
  • Checking if two products are the same
  • Choosing the appropriate category for products
  • Categorizing the tone of this article
  • Translating short paragraphs



Startup: Medium

  • Amazon trains its remote customer service associates or other positions before they let them officially begin.
  • On the other hand, making an account with mTurk takes a few minutes and your application will be processed for verification in 48 hours. Once verified, you’ll have a 10-day probationary period.

Payment: Fast

  • Amazon’s remote workers are paid by the hour. However, mTurk workers earn once their task result is approved within 24 hours. Their total earnings can then be disbursed to Amazon Payments or be converted to a balance on their Amazon gift card.
  • Remote workers come with their own set of challenges. If you’re a customer service associate, you may have to deal with unpleasant customers and work during holidays and weekends.
  • Workers on mTurk who want to earn more than the minimum wage have to increase their total number of micro-tasks done and add some more skills to be qualified for higher-paying tasks.

The average salary for remote job openings, usually customer service representatives, is $15 per hour. On the other hand, the micro-tasks (lasting for a few seconds to a few minutes) on mTurk pay less than a dollar. But you can easily finish as many as 50 micro-tasks in an hour and earn around $8 to $15.

How to get started:

  • For remote positions on Amazon, search here and submit an application
  • For doing micro-tasks, sign up to Amazon mTurk
  • Own a computer with a fast internet connection

21. Do Be A Remote Customer Service Representative

Work from Home through Customer Service Representative

Call centers are becoming a thing of the past… Online representatives are taking over! So why not consider joining them?

Hiring online representatives saves businesses time and money since there’s no need to manage and rent office spaces. All you need to do is answer calls, respond to emails, and communicate on behalf of a company… There’s no need to be somewhere physically!

Find these jobs here:



Startup: Medium

  • Some companies require their new employees to undergo a series of training before they can begin working.

Payment: Fast

  • Customer service representatives are usually paid on a fixed schedule, typically twice a month.

This job requires strong interpersonal skills as well as good problem-solving skills as you’re often dealing with people with different concerns and attitudes.

Depending on the company, good performances are given bonuses.

How to get started:

  • Have a fast computer with a stable internet connection
  • Look for jobs in the freelance sites mentioned above
  • Have a noise-cancelling headset (if you’re assigned as a voice-based customer service representative)

Beginner’s Guide on How to Work From Home

Work from home guide

So, you’ve got your own computer and a stable internet connection. But how should you design your environment at home? Read the next section on how to set up a space designed for success.

Setting up your workstation at home

Working at home is completely different to a 9-5. You’ll need the right environment, tools and mindset to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Your workstation at home

A good at-home workstation is incredibly important. We recommend that you dedicate a room in your house or apartment for use as an office and workstation. An office or a dedicated workspace makes you much more productive and gets you to look at things in a more professional way.

Make sure you have a good chair, a desk, some music if that’s your thing, and good lighting in the room. By having little things like these, you will soon feel that you have a “workplace” and this is important because your brain must be able to distinguish your work time at home from your private life at home.

The way your workstation should look obviously depends very much on what kind of work you do from home. There are big differences between the way an artist’s workstation should look and the way the workstation of a person who makes money doing consumer research should look. Basically, the most important thing is actually how you yourself feel you work efficiently and comfortably.

Here are things your workstation needs:

A desk

Don’t just use a random table in your house… Invest in a desk to dedicate for working only. This will help you focus! Try getting one that’s height-adjustable, it’s healthier to switch between sitting and standing as you work.

A good computer

There is simply nothing worse than a slow computer with a fan that is louder than an airplane at take-off. Make sure you have a computer you feel like working on! Often you can’t settle for an iPad or a tablet since many of the programs in these are limited.

A stable internet connection

The vast majority of work-at-home jobs take place over the computer, which must obviously have an internet connection for communicating with the outside world. Be sure to have a stable internet connection that is strong at your workstation, so working at home doesn’t become a drag.

A sound system or a pair of headphones

You may want to have a sound system that can play some music to put you in a good mood. You can also settle for a pair of headphones that should also be usable for video calls.

A bottle of water

It may seem silly for this to even sneak in as a recommendation, but having a bottle of water at your desk is really a must. When you work, you often have a tendency to forget to both eat and drink. By always having a bottle of water at your workstation, you make sure you get plenty of fluids while working in an intense and concentrated manner from home.

Here, you can find work you can do at home

In order to be able to quit your office job and do home-based work, your skills have to be valuable. Yet sometimes, it can be challenging to find something that will make you good money.Fortunately, there are a number of different portals that act as a link between employees and employers. These portals very simply help workers to find work, and they can be great places to start if you want to earn some extra money.

We have listed some of the best places to find work below:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Work From Home

Just like in an office, there are pros and cons to working from home that you need to consider:


Increased flexibility

Take back control over your life and pick hours that work best for you!

No commuter traffic

Who really likes sitting in traffic? Or riding in hot, cramped and noisy train carts? Work from home and avoid all the pains of commuting!

You can wear whatever you want

Don’t suffocate yourself in a suit and tie! Do you feel most comfortable working in your pajamas? If so, go right ahead!

More time with family and friends

By choosing when you work, it’s easier to allocate more time for loved ones.

The option of making your own workstation

You can freely decide how you want your workstation to look and where you want to place it. It is completely up to you what kinds of things should be in your office, what chair you sit in, and what music you listen to.

No outside distractions

There are no colleagues to stop by to shoot the breeze and destroy your working rhythm.

You save money

At home, you are able to make your own food so you’re saving yourself the expense of buying from pricey food establishments.


Your loved ones start being more demanding of you

One of the things you may experience, especially if you’re living with family or friends at home, is that they develop a kind of expectation of you. Suddenly, you are home and around your family or friends more, and your loved ones suddenly start to interpret this as you having more time for them and any chores or whatever it may be.

It may be hard for others to understand that you are actually working when you are at home, and it is therefore important to make it clear to those who might be trying to disturb you.

Less social contact

When working at home, you are somewhat isolated, and you don’t have the same interactions with other people, as you would working in a store or office. It is harder to maintain friendships with colleagues, you are suddenly eating lunch alone, and there are no more beers after work.

Completely independent work

If you’re having a hard time, there’s no one you can just shout to for help.. For example, if your laptop crashes, you won’t have an IT specialist or coworker to come to fix it for you.

Too much work

The line between work and leisure time is easily blurred when you’re working from home.

It can be hard to be 100% off, and you may experience always having work on your mind. Once again, a good tip might be to have an organized schedule that helps to separate work and leisure

You can become too comfortable with your work

When you are at home, you are in an extremely relaxed and comfortable environment, your bed is close by, and it is easy to just sit on the couch and watch TV. As we have mentioned earlier, it is really important to have a workstation, an office, or a room dedicated to work.

One Last Thing...

Work From Home

Whether you’re already doing remote jobs at home, considering it, or preparing to get started, we hope this guide has brought you clarity..

To recap, here are some of the benefits of working from home:

  • More freedom
  • More flexibility
  • The ability to work wherever, and whenever you want
  • More time with your friends and family
  • More time to take care of yourself, your hobbies, and your passions

Anyone can work remotely, but to be successful, you have to cultivate a disciplined mindset. In exchange for freedom, flexibility, and the chance to fully control your financial future, you have to be organized and determined.

We’ve prepared 21 of the easiest, fastest, and most profitable ways and we hope that you’ve found a method (or more!) that you can do. If you’re still unsure of which method to choose from the list above, you can head over to our MoolahNinjas Quiz to help you decide.

If you’re feeling hesitant to get started, just remember why you’ve been thinking of leaving the traditional office lifestyle in the first place. Think of the reasons that made you desire to change your life and then imagine the future you want to achieve.

And remember, the more you visualize your own success, the more likely you will be able to achieve it. Best of luck to you!

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