How to Make Money Online Using ProfitFarmers (Review 2021)

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Marco Fisher

Welcome to MoolahNinjas. In the video below, we’ll talk about one of the newest, easiest and most exciting methods to make money online in 2021.

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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have opened the doors to seemingly unlimited financial opportunities. Like the US dollar or the euro, cryptocurrencies can be traded, and with the right tools you can make a lot of money!

However, for a long time it has been too complicated and too time consuming for the ‘average guy on the street’.

We all have a dream job in mind (astronaut, doctor, president!) but without the right experience or years of training, you might as well be trying to climb Mount Everest in flip-flops.

Well, trying to become a trader is no different. At least it was…until now!

Using clever AI technology, there’s a new tool that’s programmed to take the difficulty out of trading. This software gives anyone the chance to make profitable trades in a matter of minutes. No need to spend years learning or hours trading.

You might be thinking “How is this even possible? Will it work for me? How much money have other people made?”

Find out everything you need to know in this review of ProfitFarmers!

See how we made €1500 in a few weeks using ProfitFarmers

November Platform Update:

Profitfarmers has been performing SO WELL that we’ve never stopped using it since our early access review.

The results graph below is from ProfitFarmers’ website.

February 2022 - Stats graph
February 2022 - Stats graph - mobile

In the last WEEK alone, we followed 86 signals, and won on 61 of them! After crunching these numbers we found that we made an average profit of 13.8% on every winning trade.

So we lost 25 of the trades from last week, but thanks to the automatic stop-loss feature we averaged just a 4.6% loss on these trades.

Think about it;

61 winners with an average profit of 13.8%.

25 losers with an average loss of 4.6%.

Enough said.

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What is ProfitFarmers

ProfitFarmers is a cryptocurrency copy-trading platform. Explained simply, their algorithm looks for patterns in price movements that show an upcoming opportunity to make money.

The best opportunities are turned into something called ‘trading signals’. Think of these like an experts’ plan for making a profitable trade.

Trading signals appear on the ProfitFarmers dashboard, ready for you to copy with just a couple of clicks!

Here’s what it looks like to follow a trading signal:
follow trading signal

How it Works

The concept of trading is actually quite simple. You buy low, sell high, then grow your money by reinvesting your profits.

These transactions are carried out on a marketplace or an ‘exchange’ where people all around the world are buying and selling.

In the case of ProfitFarmers, all of the trading happens through Binance, who are the most popular cryptocurrency exchange to date. A Binance account takes 2 minutes to set up, comes with great security and best of all it’s totally free.

The complicated part of trading is knowing when to buy and sell. This skill takes years to master.

ProfitFarmers solves this by giving everybody (even beginners) an equal opportunity to start making money from cryptocurrency trading in no time at all.

Explore the different parts of their signals:

Lets take a look at the parts of the signal

Recommended Coin

There are literally thousands of Cryptocurrency Coins out there. Fortunately the system tells you exactly which one is interesting right now!


This is the price range where we should be trying to buy the coin. If you copy the signal with ‘auto trade’, the system will monitor the coin and then buy it within this zone automatically!


Profits are the name of the game and this is how you make them…selling your coins later at a higher price. Again, with ‘auto trade’, the system will monitor the coin and then sell them automatically for you when the target price is reached.

Stop Loss

Sometimes trades don’t always go as planned. If prices move too far in the wrong direction, the stop loss automatically sells your coins to keep losses at a minimum. This feature is built into every signal you follow, giving you that extra peace of mind every time you trade.

Confirm Trade Button

One click is all it takes. For those of you that are not familiar with trading, trust us when we say that this little button is saving hours and hours of effort. It’s truly impressive. ‘Auto trade’ will handle the buying, the selling and all the monitoring in between. This feature brings the money making power of trading to everybody.

What we loved about ProfitFarmers


NEW!! – Not sure what ‘Trading Signals’ and Copy-Trading’ is? Watch this feature video by Matthew Tansley (ProfitFarmers Founder) as he explains them both.

Copy-trading is based on “signals” from pro traders or clever software. These are like windows into the minds of trading experts and how they expect that the market will behave. These signals tell you when to buy, when to sell and when to walk away.

Etoro, for example, lists hundreds of experts for you to choose from and then their software takes care of everything else for you. Simple, but not very flexible, as it leaves you very little control over your money as you are forced to automatically follow whatever your expert does.

But what if your expert is having a bad day? They are only human after all.

ProfitFarmers is very similar except you get to choose the individual signals that are the most promising rather than having to follow everything blindly.

This means that you could choose to follow every single idea that is shown to you, none of them or anything in between!

At the beginning, of course you will likely just want to follow all of the top suggestions, but over time we found that we really enjoyed being able to pick and choose where our money went to suit our preferences.

Even with the best signals though, you would normally need to make all of the trades yourself and keep an eye on them 24/7!

That leads us onto the next amazing feature of ProfitFarmers.

Semi-Auto Trade

auto trade image

Trading is well known to be one of the hardest but also most financially rewarding careers.

However, it involves exhausting hours, lack of sleep, emotional rollercoasters, and a pretty huge learning curve which causes some traders to quit due to burnout.

ProfitFarmers has solved that by creating what they call a ‘semi-auto trade’ solution.

How does it work?

When you copy a signal from the system, ProfitFarmers will create a matching set of instructions within your Binance trading account. This means you don’t need to figure out how to do it yourself, you avoid mistakes and save a huge amount of time.

On top of that, the system watches the market 24/7 to know the right time to execute your chosen orders, cash in your winners and even close your trades down if you are on the losing side.

With almost no input required from the user, the system really takes care of everything! No lost sleep, no stress, no burnout for us!

This is by far the best feature that ProfitFarmers has. Just set it and forget it.

You’re free to do whatever you want for the day!

Pricing Model

Membership is currently priced at $299 for 1 month, $599 for 3 months, and $1999 for 1 year. It makes the most sense to go for the quarterly membership, as you get a month for FREE!

Step By Step Guide on How To Get Started with ProfitFarmers

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Why it’s easy

1 They’ve programmed the difficulty out of trading

ProfitFarmers deals with the tricky side of trading through their intelligent algorithm and ability to make trades on your behalf through Binance. There’s no need to spend years learning!

2 It’s the most beginner-friendly software out there - just one-click of a button

Choosing profitable trades would normally be extremely hard… but if you are confident enough with a computer to log in to Netflix, browse the different shows and choose the one you like… you will be fine using ProfitFarmers!

It’s pretty much the same thing, just swap movies and series for signals! Pick the one you like (or that is recommended)..then sit back and enjoy the show!

3 Benefits of trading without the downsides

You get to keep your sanity! Usually, trading involves spending long days and nights (financial markets are almost 24/7) watching for news, checking charts and getting stressed out about what might happen next…thankfully that’s not the case with ProfitFarmers.

After picking a signal, their software does all the trading for you!If something comes up, the ProfitFarmers system will handle it, kinda like having a guard dog watch your back.

4 You will have everything you need to get started on ProfitFarmers

There is a short, step-by-step tutorial that’ll show you how to use the software, as well as some videos and articles that give more information if you need it.

Seriously, anyone can use this!

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Frequently asked questions

If you

  • Understand this tool WON’T make you an overnight millionaire
  • Already have money to make trades with (We suggest $3,000 or more)
  • Accept the risks involved with trading cryptocurrencies

Then ProfitFarmers could be PERFECT for you!

ProfitFarmers is open for everyone, however only a limited number of people are able to use the program.

This is because the software works best when it hits the right numbers… ensuring that the customers get the highest quality trading signals.

We suggest reserving a spot by filling out the form on their website. There’s no harm in reserving NOW as you don’t have to pay immediately. When doing so, you also get a free 1 hour webinar, where the founder breaks down how to use ProfitFarmersfilling out form

The potential is unlimited.

Your gains are measured in percentages. For example, you may follow one single signal and see a 10% profit. If you started with €1000 your profit would be €100. If you started with €10.000 your profit would be €1000. That’s Math!

Whatever you make, ProfitFarmers doesn’t charge anything extra, just a flat monthly rate.

Like all forms of trading, you need money to make money. Sure, you can start with a few hundred euro, but you wouldn’t be maximising the opportunities you’re given.

That’s why ProfitFarmers recommends to start with at least $3,000 (comfortably $5000) in your Binance account. Reminder: This is stored securely and is yours to withdraw at any time.

The reason for it is very simple. The more you start with, the less time you’ll need to reach your financial goals.

Don’t worry, ProfitFarmers doesn’t take a cut of your earnings. It’s your account which means that the money is 100% yours.

You can use ProfitFarmers ANYWHERE in the world outside of the USA!

But, in areas where Binance is restricted (China for example), you wouldn’t be able to access key features like semi-auto trading.

ProfitFarmers is protected by the latest standardised online security protocols, firewalls and data encryption technology.

Plus, you get an extra layer of security through Binance. It’s been awarded a Universal Security Accreditation by the internationally recognised security accreditation agency, ISO/IEC 27001.

You can also turn on 2-factor authentication and API-keys to add yet another level of protection to your account.

Binance also has a standard feature that will block any unauthorized attempts to withdraw your funds via the software. This means ONLY YOU can directly withdraw your money.

The only issue you have to deal with when it comes to trading is market volatility (which is present in all markets). Prices can swing up and down and for a novice this usually means learning some hard lessons.

However, with ProfitFarmers you are following carefully thought out trading signals coming from professionals.

On top of this, we noticed that almost every single signal featured a ‘Stop Loss’ that prevents you from losing more than expected.

It is totally normal to lose some trades, in fact it is expected! Your winning trade signals are designed to win much more than you can lose on the losing trades.

Of course regardless of this, you should only use money that you would be willing to lose, the same as any other investment.

No. Because your money stays inside Binance, it’s impossible for ProfitFarmers to charge you any fees or commissions on your trades.

Yes, another great feature is that you can find signals that make you money even when the prices are dropping. This means you can make profits no matter what is happening in the world!

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Conclusion: ProfitFarmers...WOW

If you are looking for a way to make money online and grow your money, then look no further. The potential of ProfitFarmers is absolutely huge and the downsides of trading are minimized for you by design.

Coupled with the fact that it really requires little-to-no experience, this has to be the top pick of the year!

The only ‘downside’ is that you do need some money to get started, the recommended amount is $3000 – $5000.

You need to try it for yourself to truly understand what the ProfitFarmers team have accomplished putting this together. Don’t forget to check out our video review and then sign up now!

“MoolahNinjas staff may have a vested interest in this product. However, every effort was taken to give an honest review.”

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