How to Use NAGA’s Auto-Copy Successfully

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Hey there! If you landed here because you’re looking for a good way to get started with trading, then you’re in the right place! 

I’ve used dozens of different trading platforms, robots, and systems to optimize my trading and NAGA is one of my favorites.

You can try those “become a millionaire overnight” systems, auto trading bots, or unreliable trading platforms. BUT if I were you, I’d go with one that can make your trading easier, quicker, and more profitable.

Read our NAGA review, and learn how you can use NAGA’s Auto Copy Trading to take advantage of other traders’ knowledge and automatically copy their trades.

What is NAGA?

A brief Company Overview:

The NAGA Group AG

NAGA is a trading platform and social investing network that’s particularly useful for doing copy trading (1-click copy expert traders).

The company was founded by Benjamin Bilski in 2015. 

From the very beginning, they set out to be a pacesetter for personal finance and investment giving everyone easy access to the markets with 950+ instruments, 500+ CFDs, and 450+ real stocks as well as many innovative features.

Why You Can Trust NAGA:

Following the regulatory approval by Germany’s Federal Financial Advisory (BaFin) NAGA Group AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Its customers can feel secure and protected by the regulatory oversight of CySEC (in the EU jurisdiction) under the NAGA Markets subsidiary.

NAGA has also received many accolades and recognition from Finnovate Europe (Best in Show & Presenter 2016), 2017 Red Herring 100 Europe Winner.

It’s safe to say that NAGA is a legitimate platform.

Features that You will Get

NAGA offers 7 interconnected individual products within its ecosystem (trading, investing, transacting, and community).

All products are integrated into one single, socially-enhanced platform called NAGA

Specifically, the products are:

With this all traders can automatically copy the trading activity of expert leaders. This is really smart.

Choose and Copy Different Expert Traders

Here, traders from all around the world can trade 950+ assets including real stocks and crypto but also connect with other traders by sharing, commenting, following and copy-trading – all within an easy and intuitive user experience.
The gateway into crypto. It provides a reliable platform that allows crypto to crypto and fiat exchanges but also securely stores and transfers them.
A rich and interactive suite of trading knowledge. Regardless of the traders’ level, the Academy can help any person gain the necessary skills to take your trading to the next level.
NAGA’s native cryptocurrency and the fuel of the entire ecosystem.
NAGA offers 400+ real stocks to invest in with zero commissions and no hidden fees.
The way traders connect their trading funds with the physical world. An independent app and challenger-bank solution that entirely disrupts the money management and investing experience.

The one that we will show you how to use in this article is the Auto-Copy feature which is great for beginners.

Why you should use NAGA

To be frank, we have never reviewed a trading platform with this many exciting features.

The power of NAGA lies in the social element and copy trading. Their platform is very user friendly, and the copy trading feature is easy to use. Simply fund your account with a credit card or cryptocurrency transfer, create a trading account with the desired trading currency, pick one or more traders to copy and there you go!

NAGA is ultimately a dynamic financial and social system that unifies the trading and investing experience within their  “NAGA Feed” – the single reference point that brings everything – and most importantly everyone – together.

NAGA exceeds the constructs of a regular trading platform. It is easy to use and their support is brilliant.

Here’s how you can use NAGA to make trading, investing and money management easy for you:​

Use the Auto-Copy function and trade like people who have years of knowledge and experience

Connect with a fast-growing community of traders and world-class financial experts

Use their intuitive ecosystem/platform that is welcoming and easy to navigate.

Copy Traders Automatically with Social Trading

The star feature of NAGA’s social investing is Auto-Copy. This innovative product enables you to automatically copy the trading activity of an expert leader.

That means you can start your own journey in the markets by just taking the lead from other expert traders. All you need is a Live Trading Account and you can now Auto-Copy and be Autocopied.

It interconnects all trading and financial products within NAGA’s own social network that inspires connection, discussions, and an exchange of views around the financial markets.

Lastly there’s a social environment where you can post, comment, share and follow other traders from all around the world, and the Messenger enables global discussions on various topics around the markets.

It’s kind of like Facebook for trading.

How Social Trading and Auto-Copy works

With Auto-Copy on NAGA you simply pick the traders you want to follow, click on a couple of buttons and off you go. But of course you need to find the right trader to follow.

There are two ways to find a trader to follow. 

1. Through the leaderboard

One is through the leaderboard on which all traders are ranked in different categories. From here you can easily click the Auto-Copy button next to any trader and immediately start copying their activity.

2. Through community, feed or messenger​

Another smart way to find a trader is through the social features of NAGA. In here you can see what the traders post, what the trade, their views, and traded instruments and make a decision.

You can even dive deeper by examining their stats, trading activity, etc. This will make your decision to click the Auto-Copy button much easier.

How to Get Started with Auto-Copy

Here are the exact steps from start to finish on how you can copy your first trader:

Step 1   Sign up to NAGA

It only takes 2-3 minutes to get started with NAGA. Simply create your free Naga account by clicking here.

Step 2   Create and Fund your Trading Account

Create a trading account with your desired currency (Euro, British Pound, Polish Zloty, US Dollar, Tether USD, NAGA Coin, Bitcoin and/or Ethereum).

You can have up to two MT4 and two MT5 accounts for a total of 4 live trading accounts.

Now you only need to fund your trading account(s). This is easy, and can be done via credit card or through crypto-wallet transfer.

Step 3   Find a Trader to Copy

You are now free to explore the Feed and the leaderboard (Top Traders) and here you can find a “leader”/trader that you can choose to auto copy.

Step 4   Auto-Copy your Chosen Trader

Once you made the decision regarding who to follow, click the Auto-Copy button. Now a pop-up screen will appear giving you a few Auto-Copy options.

By choosing “Relative to the leader” your copied trades will be opened at a percentage of the leader’s amount. E.g. if the leader opens a trade with the amount of $1000, and you set the percentage at 50%, your copied trades amount will be $500.

By choosing “fixed amount per trade” you make the decision to open your copied trades with a specific amount. E.g. if you set the amount at $200, regardless of what amount the leader’s trades, you will be copying them with that set $200 per trade.

Step 5   Set our Stop Loss and Take Profits

Lastly, you can choose to set your NAGA Protector.

Set a “Stop Loss” for protection, which automatically will sell if the price falls too low. And set a “Take Profits” limit for automatically selling out for profits when hitting a certain target.

How to Use Auto-Copy to Your Advantage

Since you are dependent on copying the right trader, it’s important you choose the right ones.

To find the best trader you should examine:

  • Traders statistics
  • Profit and Loss
  • ROI per trade
  • Average trade amount
  • Recent Trade Results
  • Overall Trader Stats

Then you need to decide whether the “Relative to the leader” or the “Fixed amount per trade” is the best way to go for you and your funds.

If the leader opens multiple large trades, you could consider the “Relative to the leader” which allows you to copy them with a fraction of their amount.

If they open multiple trades with different amounts, you may consider the ”Fixed Amount” per trade as it is an option that allows you to control the amounts of your trades much more efficiently.


All in one solution

Academy and educational material

No signup fees

Fast Customer Support

Multiple Crypto Wallets

Real stocks with Zero Commissions

Dedicated Crypto Exchange

NAGA Coin that you can use for trading

Top Traders/Auto-Copy Filtering Features

Fully transparent copy trading platform (Traders Feed, stats and Trades)

Multiple Trading Accounts and Trading Account Currencies

Cons / Key Areas for Improvement

Verification, KYC

Once you create an account you will be asked to verify your account by uploading your proof of ID and proof of residence. This vital step ensures NAGA, a regulated broker, operates in accordance with the AML regulations.

Payment Method Verification (card verification)

The verification of your payment in order to ensure, as per AML regulation and due diligence, that you are the true and sole owner of the payment method you provided. NAGA claims to take all necessary actions to keep your data safe and secure at all times and all costs.

Transaction Processing Time

Withdrawals can take up to 24 hours but it may take longer for the funds to be transferred to your account.


Trading accounts created by default will start using 1:1000 Leverage. This could be dangerous and might be dramatic for beginners that do not understand the concept of Leverage trading. Fortunately, you can change it to your desired trading leverage by contacting support. It is also a great feature if you want to experience an increased financial trading capability. Use leverage with caution.

Why Choose Naga

If you are an inexperienced trader or a beginner in trading then NAGA is a great choice for you. It’s easy to use, the support is good and you can get a lot of help on the platform.

Every trader, regardless of their level of expertise, can learn about the markets, stay up to date, interact with other traders, and finally follow/Auto-Copy proven expert traders.

NAGA is the solution that’s got it all!

Our Opinion

moolaninjas naga review opinion

NAGA’s Auto-Copy feature is simple and quick to use. It is really easy to get started with NAGA, and their platform has many interesting functionalities.

If you are new to trading and you don’t have so much time to do it, then the auto copy trading on NAGA is a good way to do trading. Simply pick the right traders, copy them, and let the NAGA system do the heavy lifting for you.

Sign up to NAGA Auto-Copy and get started copying expert traders today!

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