5 ways to Earn Money on Twitter

5 ways to earn money on Twitter

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Twitter is not just the place where you make updates about your meals or brag about your time in the gym, it’s also a place with a lot of opportunities to earn a little extra. Read along as MoolahNinjas.com guides you to 5 ways to earn money on Twitter.

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First and foremost: What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social network, that started in 2006. What differentiates Twitter from most other social networks is, that you only have 140 characters available, which often calls for a bit of creativity. Today Twitter has millions of users, and a lot of them use Twitter for more than just personal news updates. 

Famous people use Twitter for achieve even more popularity, journalists use Twitter to share new stories, and businesses use Twitter to communicate with their customers. This guide is quite different from many of the other ways to earn money, but it is definitely a valuable one to learn!

Do you have something interesting to say or products to advertise, you should probably use Twitter for earning a little extra.

1. Tweet to sell products

Twitter is an essential place for you to advertise your products.

  • Do you have an Etsy shop, that sells handmade jewelry?
  • Have you monetized your blog you use to sell home made cards?
  • Or do you have a lot of christmas presents you can’t wait to sell on your eBay?

Do you have whichever product you wish to sell, Twitter is the place, where you can make people attentive on, and draw them to your online shop.

Twitter can be an important place for marketing of your products, if you do the job properly. Research for products like it, and see what hashtags are being used, so you can use them in your tweets. You can also promote your product by adding so called “Social share buttons” to your tweets. This way the readers can share your link from their own personal profile and spread the message furthermore. 

But you can of course not just make a daily tweet with the link to your site. You have to also spice up your Twitter with funny and interesting tweets, so you get a lot of followers. It’s also a super idea to advertise with various coupon codes, that especially is attracting to first-time buyers.

Looking for a reliable and good dropshipping service? Spocket allows you to choose the best products to sell from thousands of dropshipping suppliers all over the world.

If you are more interested in creating and selling your own custom products, we would recommend you check out Printful, an easy-print-on-demand drop shipping and warehouse service.

2. Tweet to promote your qualifications

To do a little advertisement for yourself and our qualifications can often have a beneficial effect when it comes to selling your working power.

  • Are you for example a professional webdesigner?
  • Do you have unique creative abilities?
  • Or are you simply just trying to find a job?

To promote yourself on Twitter is a super, free way to find work, sell your abilities and earn money.

Many professionals use Twitter to keep in touch with others in the industry. This form of digital networking gives you a possibility to get new acquaintances, develop various  partnerships and sell yourself and your qualifications to new work tasks.

Furthermore, tweets about your latest and present work tasks can get attention from people from all over the world. Twitter is a universal platform for marketing, so don’t hesitate to benefit from it. A little self promoting can quickly lead to further sales or maybe even a job.

But be careful at the same time, that your Twitter doesn’t become a long talk of all your amazing achievements. That, people will be tired of reading about. Mix your page with some useful material, funny things, questions or little quizzes. Make sure to create some interest for your profile, then people will also be interested in what you’re doing everyday.

3. Sponsered tweets

Many famous people has taken Twitter in to make a little extra money. The many million followers that follows Kim Kardashian, Rihanna or Justin Bieber makes it possible to earn a lot of money of just one tweet.

It’s unlikely that a “normal” person would ever reach that amount of followers, but if you for example have a blog or start making money with a YouTube page and see some success, the sponsored tweets is definitely not without reach.

If a company thinks that their product would match your followers, they will contact you with offers about sponsored tweets. Often it involves a tweet or two a week in a certain period, with corresponding payment. The pay for a sponsored tweet depends on both the number of followers and of the extent of the deal. Some businesses can also offers you advertising on their site as payment.

When you make a sponsored post, you of course always have to point out, that it’s sponsored. Otherwise your followers may think that you’re trying to fool them to buy a certain product.

4. Tweet for other companies

Even though you maybe don’t have millions of followers, you can still with a certain amount try to make money from linking to other companies, so called “affiliate links”.

So if you think that your followers would have interest in a certain product, you can contact the company and ask for an affiliate link.

You share the link here and there, wherever you think it fits in. Every time someone uses your link and goes in and buys the concerned product, you will get a small part of the profit. It sounds very easy and simple, but still requires that
Ways to earn money on Twitter

  • You have somewhat a good deal of followers
  • Your followers trust your recommendations
  • Your followers are sincerely interested in buying, and don’t just click in and look.

Affiliate links will most likely not make you rich, but if you were going to advertise a product anyway, why don’t make a little profit out of it? You should definitely read this article about earning money on affiliate marketing, if this is one of the ways you would like to earn money on Twitter.

You may have seen some affiliate links throughout this article, and if you are interested in monetizing your own blog, we can highly recommend VigLink to do so. This is an outbound-traffic monetization service for publishers forums and bloggers like yourself. They are specialized in in-text advertising and marketing, and if you want to get started monetizing your blog you can find out more about them on their site, right here.

Another affiliate network you can check out AdPump, the global performance marketing network in UK,GR,US,FR,ES, IT & Asia focused on enhancing business effectiveness for both advertisers and publishers.

Always remember that Twitter is public. So if you comment something concerning the company, then remember that the company will always be able to go in and see it. If you represent a company, always consider if what you write can be understood negatively by the company.

5. Sell your products for a tweet price.

The site Pay with a tweet gives people an opportunity to buy your product in return for tweeting about it. Even though you don’t earn money directly by this arrangement, it means that you will get a lot of advertising for your product, which hopefully will lead to more sales. Especially with new products it is crucial to get some mention, so potential buyers get knowledge of your product.

There are a lot of companies who are interested in getting the message about their products spread. If you think that your followers will be interested in a certain product, you can contact the company, and try to work out a deal that you’ll get paid something per tweet.

Alternatively you can just advertise your services on freelancing portals such as Fiverr, and have companies contact you!

Make sure to get all the points of the deal written down, and make sure to have proof for the tweets you’ve made for the company. At the same time, be careful that you don’t become a pure commercial site, since that will quickly scare your followers away. You need to braid your adds in to your Twitter, without it being too visible and deterrent. Because if you lose followers, you also lose the attracting effect on companies and maybe lose your deal.

Things that work on Twitter

If you want people to follow, share or favorite your tweets, you have to check up on, what works on Twitter. MoolahNinjas.com had found a few:
    • Quotes! Especially quotes that gives motivation, or that people can relate to. Quotes are good to get people to share or favorite your tweets.
Ways to earn money on twitter
  • Jokes, funny pictures or cute animals are always a clear winner.
  • If you don’t mind working a little extra for it, try to get some coupon codes for your followers. Everyone loves to get a little extra!
  • Once a month, or more often if possible, try to get your hands on a give-away. Encourage your followers to share and favorite to enter the competition . That way your message gets around, and more people get to know your Twitter.
  • Use hashtags! Keep an eye on which ones are trending and try to implement them in your tweets.

Checklist for earning money on Twitter

You won’t get rich overnight on Twitter, but if you take your time to build up a solid amount of followers, it can become a money machine some day and lead you on the road to becoming rich.

  • The key to earning money on Twitter is followers. To attract them, you need to use more accounts at the same time, and have creativity to write funny, useful, relevant tweets, that your followers want to read.
  • You need to be good at marketing yourself, and all the time be up to date with various trends and events
  • If you switch out your entire Twitter account with adds, you’ll quickly lose your followers and thereby your chance to make money on tweets. You need to continuously make a site that people want to read.

It’s not easy to make money on Twitter, but if you’re patient and work determined, it should pay off!

If you think earning money on Twitter sounds like a kind of earning method that would suit you well, then take a look at the guide about earning money on Facebook and the article about making money on Instagram. The social medias has made it easy, for almost anyone to earn money online!

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