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You might be working in an office right now and dreaming of finding an amazing online job (also known as doing remote work). Online jobs are great: There’s no boss hovering over you, you can work at home in your pyjamas if you want, and nobody chains you to your desk all day. You can spend more time with your family, travel, and live out your perfect day…whether that includes a midday nap, gym session, or just getting some important errands done that you’d otherwise have to BEG your company to let you do.

Many people think it’s impossible to find an online job. But, in this article, we’ll show you that there are TONS of online jobs around. We’re also going to show you the skills you need to get these jobs, how to apply for them, and how easy it is to get started.

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How to Go BEYOND an Online Job: Create Your Own Online Income

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Conclusion: How to Be Free and Work How You Want


How to Find Your Dream Online Jobs

So you’re ready to, and interested in working remotely. So, how do you start working online? Here are the steps you should take:

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Build or select the skills that companies want

You might have to do some searching (and we’ll show you how in later steps), but most “traditional” roles can be found at companies offering online work. You can work online as an engineer, lawyer, architect, data clerk, assistant, and more.

However, there are several in demand skills that will make it really easy to find the best online jobs.  

These are:

jobs online

Search engine optimization (SEO)

american online jobs

Article Writing

online part time jobs


part time online jobs

Virtual assistant work

online jobs work from home

Graphic design

work from home jobs online

Programming app development, and software engineering

online jobs

Web design and development

online jobs

Online Jobs Success Story: Joshua Steinberg spent almost ten years working up the corporate ladder at Google, until he decided to quit in order to feed his love of travel. He now works on making money with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology while travelling Asia and Europe.

If you’d like to learn these skills, there are plenty of online course libraries like Udemy or Coursera where you can teach yourself what you need to know. You can also simply use a Google search to find places where you can learn these skills and use them for internet jobs.

List out all the skills you have, which you’re the best at or would like to learn, and focus on one specific skill to get your online job.

Now while it’s important to pick the skill that will actually be your job, something else that’s not talked about enough as a “supplementary skill” is staying productive while working at home. Sure, it’s great to not have a boss around…but that doesn’t mean you can slack off all the time! If you want to find online jobs and KEEP them, you need to deliver the work. Even if you do it in your pyjamas, you still need to be able to get the work done.

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Browse and apply for jobs using online job forums

There are several job forums that are specifically geared for online jobs and remote work. Visit these along with “regular” job forums and search for the following terms, in addition to your skill or career of choice:

jobs online

Online jobs

online work

Remote work

best online jobs


internet jobs


online jobs

Work online

Here are the job forums to visit :

(specific for remote work)

(specific for remote work)

(specific for remote work)

(specific for remote work)

Getting a job, even for online work, is a game of numbers. We recommend you commit, and apply to, a certain number of postings a day. Here’s a guide for more on how to handle the process of getting a job.

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Remote Work Success Story: Yuko Fujisawa was born in Tokyo, and now works as a freelance translator. She travelled around 30 countries before settling in her dream city of Berlin.

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Network at events about online careers and reach out to your existing network

Networking is still a great way to find a potential internet job. We recommend that you look for events or meets in your area about online careers and working online, and talk to people about work.

Also, one of the EASIEST ways to get a job is to ask your friend if they know someone or if their company is hiring. It sounds simple, but companies always prefer a personal introduction and referral to a random applicant. If you can get an introduction, use it!

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Use freelancing platforms to find awesome online jobs

While freelancing platforms are mostly geared towards those looking for contract work, many companies will post long term and permanent positions for online work there as well.

Some popular platforms we recommend are:

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Nail down the interview process and common answers to interview questions

A lot of times people ask us if the interview process for an online job will be much different than for a regular job. It’s nearly the exact same, except that it will probably take place over through the computer with something like Skype or other video conferencing software.

So, you should prepare for the interviews the SAME way you’d prepare for “in person” job interviews. You should know what you’ll say about your experience, strengths, and weaknesses. You should research the company. You should also have answers to common interview questions prepared. 

Common questions you’ll come across are things like:

  1. Tell me about a time you overcame a challenge
  2. Why do you want to work here?
  3. What is your proudest moment?

For more on doing great in interviews, we recommend you check out the resource, CareerSidekick.

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Online Jobs Success Story: Adomas Baltagalvis is a 26 year-old Facebook advertising specialist who was born in Lithuania. He’s now travelled to 26 different countries, and profited on the nearly $2,000,000 in advertising funds he’s spent while breaking records of raising capital for his products.


Advice for Students Looking to Make Money Online and Get an Online Job

You don’t have to be a working professional or even have graduated from college to earn money online.

easy online jobs

There are many tasks that teenagers and college students can do as well. If you’re a bit younger and just want to make money part-time while you’re studying, don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered with our guides:


Will Companies Actually Let You Have An Online Career?

When we talk about online jobs, most people think it’s some sort of fairy tale or made up story.

online work from home

Most people know that the typical scenario is going to the same office or place every day, and needing to be there in a certain time frame (usually 9AM to 5PM). But more and more, companies all around the world are embracing having jobs online. You might also hear people who work online known as “digital nomads” or the concept of remote work or working remotely.

There are tons of statistics that back up why companies support this. Reports showed that offering options for online employment:

  • Reduced employee turnover by over 50%
  • Reduced stress levels among remote workers by 82%, which is good for you, the employee, but also the company. A happy worker, is a productive (and not sick) worker!
  • Allowed workers to accomplish more in the same amount of time as if they were in an office

Here’s an infographic that talks about this more:

online jobs

Some examples of larger companies that are fully remote are:

So be confident in searching for online jobs: It’s good for you AND the company! Many companies that aren’t fully remote will let you telecommute, or effectively have a part-time job half of your working week. Companies will even fly out ALL of their employees to meet in person during the year in exotic locations:

apply for jobs online

The company, Buffer, and their employees on a retreat in South Africa. They have also hosted retreats in Thailand, Australia, and Iceland…all expenses paid, of course!

Some older companies refuse to embrace the idea of online employment, thinking they need to stare over their employees shoulders to make sure that they’ll do all their work, but that’s not your problem :). As you’ll see, there are many online jobs out there and all you need to do is start applying.


How to Go BEYOND an Online Job: Create Your Own Online Income

Landing an online job will be an amazing step for you. However, at MoolahNinjas, we think that true freedom, happiness, and fulfillment come from having the ability to work wherever you want, whenever you want, on whatever you’re passionate about.
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There are many easy ways to get started with earning your own online income, and they can be even easier than working online jobs. We’ve created an entire guide to working online. But if you’re in a hurry, these are the top 5 methods we recommend:

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are HOT topics right now. When it started, bitcoin was worth a fraction of a dollar. At its peak, it rose to $20,000USD per 1 bitcoin (BTC), and this drastic rise created many millionaires.

Getting started with investing in bitcoin is easy and you don’t need to watch the charts all day. You can simply set it up and then forget it as it earns you money.

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Paid Surveys

Companies are always creating new products and services. They know that data on what consumers want is the most important piece of the puzzle to their next invention…and they’ll pay you to help with your opinion.

Some examples of Paid Survey sites are:

While you can’t earn as much money as with some of the other income methods, this is still a great way to earn a few extra hundred dollars a month. What’s better is that each survey might only take you 10 minutes to fill out. That sounds like a good deal to us!

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Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to make money online by yourself. All you do is take the skills you already have, go to an online job posting site, and find clients who need some help!

You can work on super interesting projects, and can make good money the same day if you complete work quickly.

Read our guide on how to start freelancing

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Online Jobs Success Story: Harrison Tsai was born in Hawaii and quit his corporate job after attending an Ivy League school to travel to over 45 different countries in the past 5 years. He designs websites for clients world wide to make his income.

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According to WordStream, more than 500 million hours of YouTube videos are being watched every day, and one-third of ALL online activity is spent watching video. It’s no secret that getting involved with how to make money with YouTube is the best way forward in making money for the future. Even if you learn how to capture a small amount of that attention, you can turn whatever you’re interested in to cash.

The best thing about YouTube is how simple it is to get started. You can make a YouTube channel in under 10 minutes, and post a video right after.

If you have something you like to talk about, you can succeed on YouTube.

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Do you like to write? Have an opinion about something important? Want somewhere to share your thoughts? Then blogging might be right for you!

Starting a blog is free, and you can upgrade to premium features for as little as $100 a year with your own domain name. Bloggers start writing about things they love, build an audience, and eventually, can sell products, information, coaching packages, and more.

Read our guide on how to make money blogging

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Online Jobs Success Story: Christopher Dodd went from studying accounting, to teaching himself software engineering with free online tools, and now works as a web developer from anywhere in the world. While he visits his family in Australia regularly, you can also find him on the sunny beaches of Thailand.


Conclusion: How to Be Free and Work How You Want

Searching for the best online careers can help you create your perfect life!

job online

You get to choose where you live (even if that’s in a far away country), when you work, and you don’t have to go to an office. TONS of companies are embracing this way of working and know that it makes for a BETTER employee, so be confident in your search.

You’ll also find that there are ways to make money yourself online, and we recommend you check out some of those as well.

No matter what, there are plenty of online jobs out there. It’s just up to you to go find them using the resources in this guide!

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