10 ways to Earn Money with your Smartphone

10 ways to earn money with your smartphone

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Did you know that it’s possible to make money online without even using a computer? It’s possible to earn cash just by using your smartphone, so you can supplement your income and have extra money to use for special purposes, to save for a rainy day or even to cover bills. People around the world are earning “mobile money” through different methods, from cryptocurrency platforms, to paid surveys and making money with YouTube, and you can get started too.

It’s not complicated at all. Read on to learn about 10 different ways that you can make money online using your smartphone and get on your way to the financial freedom that comes with having some extra money in your bank account.

1. Paid Surveys

Without a doubt the best method of making money on your smartphone is filling in online surveys. Your opinions are very valuable to companies are they are willing to pay money for them. They do this through Paid Survey portals, for which you can sign up for free and start making money very fast, just for sharing your thoughts! 

The portals we recommend are:


Earn up to $50 on your first day,
$10-$20 every day after that

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Earn $5-$20 by taking a survey in just 3 minutes

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Get between $0.50 and $10 per survey

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Take a survey and earn $15 per hour!

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2. SwagBucks

The first search portal we can recommend is SwagBucks, which rewards you for Internet searches with Swag Bucks. When you earn enough of this currency, you can exchange it for real money that gets transferred into your PayPal account, or you can exchange it for merchandise through the SwagBucks store.

The amount of money that you make from each online search varies. You can be rewarded anywhere from $1 to $100 when you click search. In addition, you can complete special offers and shop through the SwagBucks network to earn more SwagBucks. 

3. Pact

Hoping to get in shape and make some extra money, too? You can do both with Pactapp. With this unique app, you register and make a pact to work out on a regular basis. When you work out, you tell the app what you did to exercise and how long you worked out during your session. Then, you’ll be given a small financial reward for completing your gym pact. If you don’t follow your workout routine, you’ll be assessed a small fine. The fines are used to pay the users who do work out according to schedule. When you’ve earned at least $5, you can transfer the money to your PayPal account.

Download the app here.

4. Locket

Locket pays you to unlock your Android phone! The application places paid advertisements on your lock screen. When you turn your phone on, you swipe one direction to look at the advertisement and at another to access your phone. An algorithm tracks how many ads you view during the day and rewards you small amounts of money based on the number of times you viewed ads. When you have earned at least $10 in funds from unlocking your phone, you can transfer the money to PayPal. If you unlock your phone many times every day, the amount of money that you make can add up fast.

5. Receipt Hog

Companies need market research in order to develop and market their products in the most effective way possible, and one way for companies to learn information about prospective customers is to examine their buying habits. Receipt Hog is a smartphone app for iOS and Android devices that collects data regarding spending habits by analyzing the information found on receipts. Up to 20 times per month, you can submit a picture of a receipt for a purchase that you made. It could be a receipt from a gas station, a grocery store, a department store, a convenience store or a restaurant.

When you upload a receipt, the app rewards you virtual coins. When you get 1000 coins, you can turn the coins in for $5 cash and transfer the money to PayPal.

Download the app here.

6. Field Agent

Big brands need information about how their products are being displayed in stores and contract with Field Agent to get that money from people like you. Target, Tyson and a number of other big brands currently use the app. Once you have downloaded the app to your smartphone, you can complete very quick tasks when you’re visiting stores. You will be asked to double check the displays, enter information and take photographs. Tasks pay anywhere from $3 to $12, and you can withdraw the money you made from your Field Agent Account and send it to PayPal.

Download the app here.

7. PoshMark

PoshMark lets you turn the clothing that no longer fits you or that you never wear into cash! Download the app and take photographs of clothing that you want to sell. Provide a brief description and your item will be added to the PoshMark online store. When someone purchases the item, you receive 80 percent of the price from the store and then ship the item to the buyer.

Download the app here.

8. Shop Kick

Shop Kick pays you to walk into certain stores. The app partners with retailers like Walmart, Old Navy and chain restaurants across the country and pays you just for visiting locations. You’re awarded points that you can turn in for cash and make extra points by scanning bar codes with your phone and getting your friends to sign up for Shop Kick. Points that are converted to cash can be paid to your credit card as a credit to lower your monthly bill or sent to PayPal.

Download the app here.

9. Easy Shift

Companies use Easy Shift to find out how their products are selling at retailers cross the United States and use this information to determine whether or not to carry their products in certain stores. If you download Easy Shift to your smartphone, you can make money by going to certain stores in your local area and looking for particular products. Then, you use your phone to scan bar codes and enter the price that the product is being sold as. You can make between $2 and $20 for each task that you complete, and the money is paid directly to you via PayPal.

Download the app here.

10. My Likes

10 ways to earn money with your smartphoneIf you’re frequently using social media on your phone, My Likes is a great money making app for you. This app allows you to participate in various advertising campaigns and rewards you money for likes and shares on campaign-related posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. People with large followings can make a large amount of money with My Likes. Download the app here.

So it is possible to become a millionaire with your smartphone? You might not get to millions, but you can actually earn money to supplement your income and live more comfortably.

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