27 ways to Make Money

ways to make money online

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Money is a big part of our society, and everybody wants it. You can do almost anything with money, but it is not always easy to earn, nor is it easy to get a job. But are there any methods or ways to earn money in a good and easy way? There actually are!

These methods that we have listed do not guarantee you getting a lot of money. But if you focus on some of the methods, and follow the tutorials that we have given for them, you have a very great chance of getting a good extra income.

Here you have 27 ways to earn money.


1. Earn money with selling photos

Visit this website to sell your photos: Shutterstock

2. Rewrite your bio to be informative, colorful and actionable

You can earn great money with this method, read our article here if you want to learn how to earn money..

3. Earn money for your opinion

An easy way of earning money fast is filling in Paid Surveys, see all the websites where you can do it here.

The portals we recommend are:


Earn up to $50 on your first day,
$10-$20 every day after that

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Earn $5-$20 by taking a survey in just 3 minutes

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Get between $0.50 and $10 per survey

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Take a survey and earn $15 per hour!

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4. Earn money on making YouTube videos

The question of how to earn money with interesting or funny videos is answered by putting them on YouTube and earning a good income with them!

5. Earn money on Fiverr.com

If you have a particular skill but don’t know how to make money from it, going on Fiverr and broadcasting your skill is a great method for earning money. See more in our guide here.


6. Earn money as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you are your own boss and you have many options and ways to earn a good income. We created a great summary for you here.

7. Earn money with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new way of making money, but you can do many things with it. Trading, mining, investing,… Read more about it on our guide here.

8. Earn money on translations

Visit Upwork.com and translate texts for people. It is nice and easy money if you are fluent in more than one language.

9. Participate in competitions

You may be the one who wins the competition! The more you participate in the bigger the chance of winning.

10. Create websites for people

Creating a website is really not that hard these days! See this website tutorial, and learn how to create a website.

11. Earn money playing the roulette system

This is not a 100% sure system, but there is a very good chance of earning great money with the roulette.

12. Earn money on trading stocks

Buy stocks that you think are good, and sell them later on.

13. Earn money while playing video games

If you are an avid gamer and you are wondering how to make money doing what you love, you can make an account on Twitch.tv and start streaming your favorite games! You can earn money from adds, donations, merchandise,…

14. Earn money with ads on Facebook

There are money opportunities in creating Facebook pages if you know how. Read more here. Facebook

15. Take care of children

Ask your neighbours family or friends if they want their children taken care of.

16. Donate your sperm or eggs

An easy way to get fast money as a man is to visit a sperm bank and donating a few milliliters of your progeny. As a woman you can do the same with your eggs, but it is a longer process.

17. Entertain on the street

If you are funny, a great dancer or just good with the guitar, then earn money by entertaining on the street.

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18. Transport different things

Transport stuff for different people. For example, people who have their own business via Ebay, or local stores looking into expanding their territory.

19. Create logos

Use a program such as GIMP or Photoshop, and create logos for businesses. You can sell them on Fiverr.com.

20. Sell your old clothes

You probably have a lot of old clothing that you do not wear anymore. Sell it!

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21. Sell various old stuff

If you clean up your house, you can undoubtedly find a whole heap of things you do not use anymore. Sell them to second-hand stores or online!

22. Take care of pets

Again, try to ask your neighbours or friends if they need their pet taken care of. Some people have made a real business out of walking the dogs of other people.

23. Make money on Instagram

If you like taking pictures (of yourself, nature,…), this is a great method for earning money. See more in our guide here.

ways to make money online

24. Cut the grass for people

Everyone with a lawn needs to have it cut at some point. You might as well be the one to do it and get paid for it!

25. Offer help with homework

Help younger children with their homework, or sell essays to other students. It helps if you are pretty good at specific topics or speak different languages.

26. Create a blog

Blogs are becoming more and more popular, and you are actually able to earn a solid amount of money. Read about it here.

27. Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin has received a lot of press the last few years, and for good reason. Countless people have become millionaires by investing in this form of cryptocurrency. If you want to learn how to earn money, this is one of the best ways to do it.

ways to make money

If you have any questions about the different ways of earning money fast, then feel free to contact us here.

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