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Facebook is by far the biggest social media counting more than a billion users making it easily 5 times more popular than the second most popular ditto.

Most people with acces to the internet also have a facebookprofile and that makes it a potentially lucrative market place.

This guide shows you how to make money with Facebook and how to get started.

How to make money with Facebook

It all comes down to getting people to ´Like´ your site and clicking the ads and banners.

First of all you need to create a profile. You can either choose your own private profile (if got one) or create a new with the sole purpose and there by keeping it separate from your personal profile. The idea with the new profile is to post there and then link to your personal profile to let people know of your new profile / site.

Depending on the purpose and methods it might even be a good idea to create multiple profiles. However you should notice that Facebook doesn´t allow multiple profiles using the same emailadress or phonenumber.

Choose a topic for your page and make sure to pick a compelling title for it to make people noticed it and wanna visit your page. We recommend choosing a niche page that provides quality content which doesn´t need to be the only page in the field, but you always wanna make sure that you can get a satisfying number of ´Likes´.

You probably wanna do homework and research your audience a little.

Do you want a facebookpage which addresses cat lovers? Mothers and their newborns?

It is far more easy to provide quality content if you pick a topic that actually are of your personal interest, that also makes the feeling of ´work´ a lot less.

Think of it like this, whatever topic you find interesting chances are that someone else does too. In that way getting ´Likes´ from people sharing your interests is a good way to get started wheather it is fishing, entertainment, being cultural, movies, travelling that defines your mutual interests.

Once the page has been created it´s time to focus on content.

Just as the ´title´ profile picture and cover picture also need to being catchy and say something about the facebookgroup. You probably wanna write an introduction as to what the page is about to make sure ´followers´ knows what your page is all about and what they are ´liking´.

And now it´s time to post…

Great content – is where any success on Facebook will start, and plenty of it.

In other words you need to post useful and entertaining, links, pictures, videos and posts almost every day. Just keep posting useful content, be patient and wait for the people to find  it.

This is what you should focus on in the beginning, post great content, get people to like, share and interact with your posts.

How to get ´Likes´

First of all you obviously invite your friends, they invite their friends and so on and this should easily get you the first likes. The more the better since you will make potentially more money advertising to 3.000 people than a measly 50 – that’s should pretty much be a no brainer.

A good way to promote your site is by engaging in other peoples post on similar topics.

Let say you have just started the Facebook page ´Fishing is for everybody´. Then you might wanna consider finding and posting on other Facebook pages e.g. ´Fishing´, ´Happy anglers´, ´fishing & nature´ etc.

That way you get other people to know your page in a natural way.

Agreements with other page owners to mention or advertise for one and another might also be worth considering since the benefits should be mutual for all of you.

When it comes to social medias and learning how to make money on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr – like Facebook – they are all worth taking into consideration since they do particularly well when it comes to fandoms.

If you don’t know what fandoms is you might wanna read more about it.

Maybe you already follow someone with a lot of followers, if not find some to follow, and try to figure out what makes them successful and what works for them.

Some page owners have contest where followers are urged to like and share the contest / page, that way all of their ´friends´ will see the contest.

Most of all you need to have a page worth visiting and that means quality posts and interaction with fans and when you start putting ads on your page you really wanna make sure to keep the pace to reduce the chance of people ´unfollow´ your page.

Get ads – become an affiliate marketer

Once you gotten some (loyal) followers for your page you can start to think about how to make money. Signing up as an affiliate partner at:

is easy to do and that way you get acces to a lot of different kind of ads. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the standard info on their websites and then you are set to go.

It´s free of charge to sign up as an affiliate marketer and you might wanna consider signing up at different sites (partners) and there by give your self a range of different ads to choose from. So signing up at multiple partner sites might not be a dumb idea and since it is free of charge you can sign up at as many sites as you like.

Make sure you read the terms & conditions for the site. Some affiliate programs have minimum requirements when it comes to login and occasionally email verification in order to discard inactive accounts, so make sure yours aren´t one of them since it will decrease your earnings.

Once signed up you are given a unique number for tracking and identification of your sales and also gain acces to marketing material such as bannerads, textads etc.

Since you get paid commission on each sale (or lead) all it takes is finding a decent website with affiliate marketing and start earning money.

If you are more comfortable with starting out with known brands e.g. Amazon has a great affiliate program where you get commission for every purchase registered to a click from your site even if you didn’t advertise for that specific product or service.

Since there is no maximum as to how many sites you can have you might wanna have more pages than just one. That way you don’t have to have all kind of different ads, but are able to target a specific page with matching ads increasing the opportunity for someone to show interest and make a purchase or lead.

Just remember, if you have more than one page you need to post frequently on all of those to keep the people happy already following.

Every time someone clicks your post/ad and make a purchase from one of your affiliate partners, you make money.

Read more about affiliate marketing in our guide: affiliate marketing.

How to insert ads on your page

woman working laptop with facebook ads

First you need to figure out which ads you want to appear on your page.

Then you go to your affiliate partners website and find the ones you like. Notice that not all ads are allowed to be shown at Facebook so you might wanna separate the ones who who are from the ones who aren’t allowed.

Once you have picked an ad that you like and decided what size the banner should be you simply copy the text shown below the field ´complete bannercode´ – it is important that you make sure to copy all of it.

Then go to your Facebook page and write ´iframe´ in the search bar. Different kind of applications will then appear and you need to install one from the list. This give you the opportunity to put in HTML code on your Facebook page. There you insert the copied banner code from your affiliate partner.

Once the ad has been correctly placed on your Facebook page you can start to call on your followers to click the ad and based on the kind of ad you will make money by either click, slae of products, leads or whatever the specific affiliate campaign was about.

Having a successful page on Facebook with lots of followers doesn’t necessarily mean the only way to make money is affiliate marketing.

Lot of companies around the world are interested in Facebook pages with lot of followers and interaction on the page. It is far from unusual to promote certain products from a specific company and either get paid cash or by keeping the product often luxury ones.

The value of advertising on Facebook can be huge for a company, but certain criteria are of especially importance when a company asses the potential for paying someone to post on their Facebook page.

How many likes? – this is important since it says something about potential audience.

How many interact? – this is important because friends of those who like your post or picture will also be shown your post.

The value of being seen on the right Facebook page can be tremendously and companies are well aware of that and therefore willing to pay accordingly since they can also make a lot of money potentially posting on the right page with the right audience.

Having a lot of likes isn’t gonna cut it – the audience also has to be potentially buyers or takers.

This way of making money is fairly simple but it takes an outgoing personality in order to make contact with potentially companies, buyers and others.

You might wanna contact other companies doing the same business as yourself and letting them know about your service and what you have to offer.

Maybe you can shoot a video promoting their products, posting a picture of some of their products or write an update on your own profile

Often they have some ideas as to what you can do to promote them. The price will amongst other depend on number of followers, interaction, match of audience etc.

A decent page with around 50.000 relevant likes and followers interacting frequently may for the right company be worth paying up to 800$-1000$ for a quality post.

How much can I make?

earn money using facebook

If you are serious about making money with Facebook, you need to put in the time and effort.

You need to really maintain and nurse your followers and that takes times (lots of hours) since just starting a lot of affiliate sites up and then don’t maintaining them isn’t gonna make you the next Donad Trump.

As long as you have a decent and loyal audience there will always be potentially buyers.

Tip: It actually works best if you don’t pay to much attention on the earning part in the beginning, but focus on posting quality and great content for your followers – then the money will follow.

The only cost of promoting on Facebook is time, which means that it is utterly in your hands how much time you want to invest.

You can even create your own online brand and send your Facebook followers to your YouTube channel to make money or to monetize your blog. The possibilities are endless!

The only way to keep making money though is by working persistent. Just like any job it is important to work with a timeframe and stick to it.

By organizing your time and planning ahead what to post and when, dealing with more promotions and sites gets easier along the  way.

Good luck !

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