4 ways to earn money on Facebook

4 ways to earn money on Facebook

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Facebook is something else and something more than just pictures from the last night out or bragging statuses about travels and A’s. Even though it can be very entertaining to stalk your best friends and your high school girlfriend, you can benefit more from your Facebook.

Facebook is probably the most relaxing and at the same time most informative social network, and doesn’t at first seem like the most obvious place to make money. But Facebook is also the biggest social network, so if you do it right, there’s loads of potential to earn money.

You can find here the guide on 4 ways to earn money and potentially get rich off of Facebook. 

What is Facebook?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know at least a little bit about what Facebook is.

It is the world’s biggest social network with over a billion users. When Mark Zuckerberg started the site back in 2004 it was originally only intended for Harvard students, as kind of a digital year book. We probably don’t need to mention that the site quickly expanded from there.

For many people it is today almost impossible to imagine a world without Facebook, where you can share various statuses, pictures and create events with your “Friends”. The site has in relatively short time become a social centre, and the popularity of the site has made many speculate in how you earn money on Facebook.

1. Sell your old stuff

When it’s time to clean out your old junk, it’s often sites like eBay you think of. In spite of these sites’ popularity, there is a incipient market for selling your old stuff on Facebook also.

You can of course just make a status wherein you let your friends know that your selling this and that. This will only have a limited effect, though, since it is only your friends who will see your advert.

In stead, search for a local sales group, wherein you can put up your advert. Most areas has now each got a sales group, but if there’s still not one for your area, you can jus start one yourself. The benefit of these groups is first and foremost that there is way more people, who sees your advert.

In addition to that, on these sites, you are in control of what price you want, which payment method you prefer, and if you’re willing to send the item or if the buyer has to come and pick it up. What’s even more important: On Facebook there is no one who takes part in your profit – You get to keep all the profit yourself.

Keep this in mind, when your sell on Facebook:

  • Find out what rules there are for the group. Some groups have specific demands for which product lines that get negotiated.
  • Since there on Facebook is a free option for everyone to comment, you will most likely experience, that many try to haggle over the price. There’s not much to do about it, but it’s worth to consider when you set your price. It’s always good to have a little to negotiate with.

If you can live with the rules of the group and to haggle over the price, Facebook is an excellent place to sell your stuff.

2. Advertise for your company

Do you have whichever company, a hair salon, an online shop or a café, you can on Facebook get loads of free advertisement.

You can create your own site for your company, where you can advertise for your services or products and communicate with your customers. Make sure to choose a name, that’s easy to find in the search engine. On Google Adwords you can get great advice for words, that will make it easier for your customers to find your site. If you choose a name consisting of more than one word, especially consider the first one out from what search word people would use to find your products or services.

A way you can make it easier for your customers to find your Facebook page, is to make a couple of posts. If possible, try to make some that are both interesting or funny and at the same time concerns your product.

If you also have an online shop, make sure your Facebook picture is in the same design as your website. It makes it easier for your customers to remember your brand, and also looks more professional.

No matter if you sell a certain product or a service, avoid making a Facebook page that exclusively concerns sales, sales and sales. Make sure to make posts that people want to read. Simply think of the pages you like to follow yourself! Share quotes, anecdotes, pictures… Something that it either interesting or just amusing. If you get a loyal crowd of followers build up, you can also easier from time to time make a more advertisement-ish posts without losing your followers interest. So for example, if your Facebook account is all about Bitcoin, don’t just focus on selling your product. Show some personality within your category to really connect with people.

3. Advertise for other companies

4 ways to earn money on FacebookAnother way to make a little extra pocket money, is to link to others products. With many companies, you can get a so called “affiliate link”, that you can share on your Facebook page. Every time someone uses your link and goes in and buys the product, you get a small percentage of the profit. At Amazon you get 10% of the sales price, but with most other you get around 5%.

It sounds easy, but the thing is that you need quite a lot of followers to earn of it. If you fx. link a product for $20 and you get a share on 10% (Which is a lot), you will still only have made $2. So to earn serious money, you need A LOT of followers. And not only that; followers, that want to buy.

Is shouldn’t keep you from trying it, though! If you’ve build up a loyal electorate for your Facebook page, there shouldn’t be anything in the way for earning a little change. And do you put some serious work into your page, then there’s a lot of options on a website with over 1 billion users.

Here’s what you should do, if you want to advertise for another company:

  • First of all you need to decide what company you want to advertise for
  • When you’ve decided, contact the company to get your affiliate line. Never pay to get your link!
  • For once, read the terms and conditions, since many companies have restrictions on what kind of marketing they want.
  • Hereafter you can create your Facebook page and start to advertise.
  • It is best to make it clear for the followers, that it’s a site dedicated to a certain company, so they don’ feel put upon. But nevertheless it still needs to be the funny, interesting page we’ve talked about before!

The more that follows your page, the more that likes and the more that share your posts, the more you’ll be able to make of the affiliate link. So put some effort into making a good and exciting page!

Affiliate links you can moreover also use when trying to earn money on a blog or trying to make money on your Twitter. You can read way more about ways to earn money with affiliate links on the different earning methods here.

4. Find a job

If you need a job, Facebook can help you. First and foremost, if you’ve spend a lot of time and effort to make a professional CV, whereafter you’ve send it out to all the world, then it’s no good that your Facebook is a big mess!

Many companies today uses social networks when they’re looking for new employees, and therefore it’s for no good, that your profile picture shows you hanging from a lamp post from your last night in the town. Thereby not said that you have to have a super boring and businesslike profile – this can also be a minus, but just think about what picture you want to represent yourself with.

Let your Facebook network know, if you’re looking for a job. If they don’t have something themselves, maybe they know someone who does. You can also ask people to share your post, so it can quickly get around to a lot of people. There’s no guarantee that it will pay off, but at least you’ve tried.

Facebook isn’t exactly the obvious choice when it comes to job search, but exactly that can be in your favour! It can give you a better opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Are you going for a specific company, then look into who’s responsible for hiring new employees and send them a message. Be careful not to sound too desperate, since Facebook already quickly can seem a little stalker-ish. But if you do it right, you will definitely make yourself more noticed than on Linkedin or Twitter.

Have you come so far, that you have an interview, click through the interviewer’s profile and see if you can collect a little knowledge about his or hers interests. It can be a nice way to get a little flow in the conversation, and will make it easier for them to remember you. You shouldn’t mention, though, that you’ve been looking at their Facebook profile, since we’re then back at the kind of stalker-ish.

As with every other social network, make sure to consider what you put on Facebook. You never know who one day is going to click through your profile, so make sure to be able to stand by the things the concerned finds. If you put a little work into your profile, it should be able to benefit you sooner or later.

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