5 ways to Earn Money while you Sleep

5 ways to earn money while you sleep

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Most of us are brought up, taught that you won’t achieve anything sleeping. But there IS actually ways for you to earn a little extra pocket money, while you’re sleeping. MoolahNinjas.com hereby gives you a few good tricks to increase your income without big efforts.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of legal ways to earn money without doing anything. And this isn’t a guide, that makes you rich overnight either. What we’re guiding you towards here, is a so called passive income, where you’re not bound by fixed working hours. Whether you choose to sell products online, start to make money with a YouTube channel, or learn about Bitcoin so you can trade it, don’t forget that there will be a little work upfront.

MoolahNinjas.com has here chosen 5 ways you can start earning a little extra. Either just for the sake of the project, or maybe as a starter for your own business.

1. Sell accessories

Websites, apps, independants, you name it! all need a little extra accessories for their products, wether it’s in form of pictures, music, graphic or other. So, if you have a talent for photography, singing, voice-over, setting up websites, writing cute blogs that could make money, graphic design or something else, just put it on the market!

How you do: There is plenty of websites, where you can put up your offerings, so don’t be satisfied with only one add. Because the profit often is pretty small on these sites, it’s important that you get on as many as possible, if you want to make as much as possible. It might be a good idea to find out what’s trending on those sites exactly, so you know what area that will pull jobs in.

You don’t have to be a professional to offer your services, you just have to be a little creative and serviceminded. Your assortment can be everything from logos, sounds, icons or banners: only the imagination sets boundaries!

You can try out your skills on one of the following sites:

http://www.shutterstock.com: pictures, videos, illustrations and music

http://www.istockphoto.com: pictures, videos, illustrations and audio.

http://www.dreamstime.com, https://en.fotolia.com , https://www.picfair.com : pictures

https://patternbank.com: textile design

https://creator.line.me/en/: emojis

http://www.myfonts.com , http://www.myfonts.com: typography

https://author.envato.com/join: Everything from graphic design to web themes and music.

If you’re a bit more advanced than accessory sites like these, you can always try on iTunes and soundcloud or create your own site.

Be aware, though, that some sites require, that you send in some material, from which they estimate wether they can accept you as a sales man on there site or not. Don’t let it knock you out, though, if you get refusal: there’s loads of other sites out there.

2. Write an eBook

5 ways to earn money while you sleepEBooks has been predicted to outmatch physic books by 2018, so if you have skills within the literature, the digital way is worth considering.

You can start with your musty short stories, but if you go for the money more than the literary level, you should examine what areas that sells the best and try out here. Remember, that it doesn’t necessarily has to be fiction, but just as well can be non-fiction about everything from politics to poker. So rack your brain, maybe there’s a area where just YOU are super sharp.

You don’t have to be some extraordinary literary genius to publish literature, everyone that is acquainted with 50 shades of grey knows that. Furthermore you only get better by practicing, so maybe your debut doesn’t become a bestseller, but that should definitely not stop you.

fiverr logo

Even if you are really not capable of writing a book yourself, there is always the option of hiring a ghost writer to do this for you. The best place to find such a person would be on Fiverr, where you can find all kinds of freelancers offering their services at affordable prices.

Most publishing sites receive .doc documents, but if you want to do more out of your books’s looks, you can use the site http://sigil-ebook.com. On Amazon you’ll find tools for comics and children books.

When you have drafted some material, you have to make a platform, that will give you access to distributors’ sites. To join Amazon, you have to use the site  https://kdp.amazon.com, but for most other distributors you can use the site  https://www.smashwords.com. Optimize your sales by using both sites, and that way reaching as many buyers as possible.

It’s easy to get your eBook on the market. What is harder, on the other hand, is to get people to discover your book, so this is where it pays of to make an effort. Even though most people know the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover“, unfortunately that is often the case on the internet. Therefore, invest both time and money in giving your book a nice and professional cover. Also the resume is important to spend some time on; can you eventually make a cliff hanger, that tickles the possible readers curiosity?

What of course means the most for your book is some good reviews. Don’t hesitate to ask the reader in the end of the book, to leave a review for coming readers.

3. Make your own app

5 ways to earn money while you sleepAs it was also the case with the two first points, you don’t have to be a pro in the subject. There’s lots of help to get.

If you wish to make an app, that some how “does something”, you most likely will have to ally yourself with someone who has competences with programming and share the profits with him or her. You can also get help from the website http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/, where you only can “build” your app, in stead of programming it.

If it’s games that’s your area, it’s possible to make professional apps almost without programming. To help you there is also multiple sites, that can help you design and develop your app. MoolahNinjas.com  recommends https://unity.com/products, which is free and quite user friendly. When you have developed your game her, it it possible to publish for IOS, Android and PC on the same time, which is a clear advantage, if you want to reach as broad an audience as possible.

There’s more than one way to make money from apps: either you can take direct payment for them, or through extra-purchases inside the app (extra life, help or levels) or by having commercials. Remember that you’ll have to pay fees for the different sites, so it’s not everything that goes straight to the pocket.

Even though you don’t have to be the biggest app-geek, it helps you to have a good platform of devices to work from, so you can test your apps all the time. If you wish to get a more serious income from the app world, you’ll probably have to put a couple of them on the market.

4. Affiliate marketing

5 ways to earn money while you sleepDo you want an internet shop, but has nothing to sell? Then you can earn a little money as a middleman between consumer and seller instead.

How you do: You add special links to either your own website or via social media. Every time someone follows your link and buys on that exact site, you get a small part of the profit. This way you don’t have to think about storage or shipping – all that will the site take care of. Your only job is to advertise the sites.

This can become a good business, if you already have a site with a lot of visitors and if you have the possibility of connecting the sites to your posts without it becoming obvious advertising. This way you will actually be able to make more than just a little extra pocket money, but it also requires that you put some time into the project.

You may have seen some affiliate links throughout this article, and if you are interested in monetizing your own website, we can highly recommend VigLink to do so. This is an outbound-traffic monetization service for publishers forums and bloggers like yourself. They are specialized in in-text advertising and marketing, and if you want to get started monetizing your blog you can find out more about them on their site.

Another affiliate network you can check out AdPump, the global performance marketing network in UK,GR,US,FR,ES, IT & Asia focused on enhancing business effectiveness for both advertisers and publishers.

The most “elegant” way to do affiliate marketing is by reviewing everything you buy online and add “buy now” links in the end.

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5. Prints

Do you hold some good ideas for illustrations or funny little quotes, then there’s plenty of opportunities to earn money on prints. Think everything from t-shirts, hoodies, rompers for babies or kitchen towels.

A good place to start is Printful, which offers easy print-on-demand, drop shipping and warehouse services. Their main focus is on clothing, but there’s also accessories and so forth. Feel free to check out their offers!

Go for sweet or funny pictures or quotes, that can be used on a big number of different products. This way, you’ll get the most out of every design.

Most of the above listed ideas are free at first, but you have to expect that you’ll often have to pay the sites you use a bit, or that you’ll only get a small profit per buy. Take your time to examine the different sites, so you’ll find just the one, that works the best for you.

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