How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube: 13 Proven Methods

how to get more subscribers on YouTube

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Is there a secret on how to get more subscribers on YouTube? Not at all! Starting a YouTube account and getting your first group of subscribers is the hardest part! In this article, we’ll lay out exactly what you need to do to grow your channel faster, and learn exactly how to get more subscribers!

Before you get started...

When it comes to how to get more subscribers on YouTube, you really have to focus on value. There’s no way to “cheat” and buy YouTube traffic. On the other hand, there are legitimate ways to make your progress much easier and faster.

Not only are you competing against thousands, possibly millions of other publishers, but you’re also competing for keyword search phrases, many of which have already been used repeatedly by active YouTube content creators.

So how do you do it?

The best way of how to get more subscribers on YouTube is a combination of regularly producing good content AND promoting that content in creative ways.

It really can be that simple!

If you’re just getting started, here’s a guide on how to make a YouTube channel.

Now, let’s look at 13 ideas on how to get more subscribers on YouTube for the beginner:

how to get more YouTube subscribers

Don’t just create good content…create content better than your competitors

Producing interesting and entertaining content might seem like a very obvious first tip. However, it’s even more important that the content you produce is market-appropriate.

This means that you’ve studied the industry or the audience that you hope to attract, and you’ve even taken note of what other people are doing who have similar accounts to you.

It’s not enough to copy them (and you shouldn’t be doing that), but you should try to gain an advantage by taking their good idea but adding to it in a creative way.

This will also help in increasing your total views. Make sure you spend some time learning how to get more views on YouTube as well.

how to get subscribers on YouTube fast

Script all of your content in advance

It’s understandable why you’d want to improvise because you’re worried that it won’t be as “from the heart”…but that thinking usually doesn’t work.
In fact, the best YouTubers not only pre-write their script, they also rewrite it, rehearse it, and perfect it. You’re telling a visual / audio story, and not taking it seriously enough will reflect badly on your name.

More than that: by pre-scripting you video, you’re able to express more of the thoughts you care about, so it actually shows more of who you are!

how to gain subscribers on YouTube

Remember: you need to catch your audience’s attention QUICK

how to gain subscribers on YouTube

While we’re not saying that all of your audience can’t sit still, it’s just better if you assume that they can’t when figuring out how to get more YouTube subscribers.

This means you’re not going to go over 5:00 minutes for the first generation of videos.

You’re also not going to have a slow, long-winded introductions. You’re going to introduce the piece, minus any unnecessary rambling, and then get into the good stuff ASAP!

Did you know that WordStream recommends capturing the YouTube audience within the first 10 seconds, since 20 percent of your viewers will leave within 10 seconds if the content isn’t to their liking? You need to get their attention, and you need to do it fast and well.

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Create a playlist of videos that share a theme and encourage binge-watching

Next on our list of tips for how to get more subscribers on YouTube: let’s talk about playlists.

Netflix is famous for encouraging binge-watching with its auto-playing shows. Similarly, YouTube allows for easy and continuous play IF the author creates a playlist.

Don’t just shove all of your videos together. Instead, plan an entire “season” of content and make sure each individual video connects to the next video in the series. Arrange them logically and with a theme in mind that will appeal to your audience.

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If you want to learn how to get more subscribers on YouTube, create a goal of consistent publishing and stick to it

“Regularly creating content” seems like good advice if you want to increase your subscriber count. However, it’s better to actually develop a schedule of good content and stick to it.

According to Hootsuite, YouTubers should post consistently at about the same day and time.

It should be a weekly process and an obligation that you take seriously. This will not only help you to create a weekly routine and guarantee new content every week, but it will build a “rhythm” of activity that your viewers will look forward to.

Don’t “cheat” and post 4 videos at the end of the month!

Stick to a schedule of publishing at the same time every week and build your audience—just as if you were a network show debuting a new TV show!

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Spend more time optimizing your meta text

how to gain subscribers on YouTube

If you have really good content but can’t seem to get any traffic going, the problem may well be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related.

This means that people that would like your content cannot find it.

Optimizing YouTube videos involves keyword researching, using attractive or quirky titles, creating easy to scan text, writing a good description, filling in meta tags, and maximizing space (in the title and text).

You should eliminate unnecessary words and use popular keyword friendly phrases.

Remember also to transcribe your text. This makes certain types of videos, for example How To’s or LifeHacks, much easier to find in a YouTube search tool. YouTube allows you to write in a script of the audio you use in your video, so someone can turn on closed-captions (the CC button). You can even have this translated into multiple languages to go international (more on this in point #10…)! 

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Develop a “brand” that your audience will become accustomed to and anticipate

This isn’t as difficult as it looks! Branding essentially means making your presentation unique and memorable. One way YouTubers do this is by using an Intro and a Conclusion.

They may have memorable little tunes or just a simple “catchphrase” to get things started.

The conclusion will make your viewers remember you even after the video ends. It’s even better if you can work a “Call to Action” (CTA) into your conclusion while doing something memorable to keep them tuning in next time.

This CTA works if you encourage viewers to visit your website, subscribe, and end on a strong note of positivity and confidence.

Remember, if you never ask your audience to follow you or subscribe, they probably never will! A direct call to action is one of the secrets of how to get more subscribers on YouTube.

how to get more YouTube subscribers

Bribe your audience to subscribe and keeping tuning in

buy YouTube subscribers

Often, people really undereste the effectiveness of bribing an audience to keep them coming back!

It sounds cheesy, but it works.

People will not be emotionally involved in any new activity unless they GET something valuable out of it.

This incentive can be something simple like a contest featuring a prize (and it works even better if you spread it out all over your other social media sites), or actually offering additional benefits in your videos.

This is probably the best way to buy real YouTube subscribers, but far more effective than just blindly paying for traffic. The investment here is the prize but it’s a more honest way to get people’s attention.

For example, an affordable contest prize could be a free pass to a restaurant or sporting activity. You might also give away a cool t-shirt. Tell your audience that the contest winner will be picked from subscribers, therefore creating the incentive to subscribe.

You could also reward them for subscribing by offering free eBooks on your website, or even a 30-day free trial of a product. 

The secret for how to get more subscribers on YouTube is to make your audience feel attracted to your great content!

how to get subscribers on YouTube fast

Promote your YouTube channel and videos offsite

You can’t rely solely on YouTube’s search traffic when exploring ways of how to get more subscribers on YouTube, so be liberal about sharing your videos and channel offsite.

Some people plug their YouTube page on Amazon Reviews, while others use Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even Reddit subreddits on a niche discussion can be linked to a YouTube account.

Translate your content into multiple languages for greater international appeal

If you have a long-term worldwide market it makes sense to plan ahead. As you become more popular locally or nationally, you can reach a similar demographic overseas by translating the dialog and text in your videos into other common languages. You can outsource this job to a translator and even add subtitles to each video.

how to get more YouTube subscribers

Create short trailers to hook your audience as soon as they land on your channel

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Autoplaying helps hook your audience in those first 10 seconds, so don’t give them the option of searching through all of your videos.

First, make sure you’ve created playlists. Then, create short trailers that can be auto played as soon as the channel loads.

This trailer content should be between 30-60 seconds.

The key to making a good trailer is to give your viewers a reason to stay and watch. Answer questions they have like, “Why am I still watching this? What interesting thing is happening?” It also helps to make them funny, artistic or even emotional if that’s what it takes to keep your audience watching.

Collaborate with other YouTubers. This collaborative project will appeal to similar audiences

how to get more YouTube subscribers

The same concept of a guest columnist or guest blogger works very well on YouTube: You should try to collaborate with other YouTubers, whether they publish similar works or even related subject matter.

Reach out to them by email or social media private messaging and see if they would be interested in working with you on a new video / audio project. Telling them this collaboration may help them get more subscribers on YouTube themselves will be great motivation!

Of course, the top and richest YouTube personalities probably will pass on your proposal, so try to target new YouTubers or even intermediate stage YouTubers who would appreciate the publicity just as much as you would.

This is a good way in finding out how to get subscribers on YouTube fast since you will both see immediate results —connecting with another influencer’s audience.

Put some thought into the project and brainstorm ideas until you both find one that you love. You can connect with the audience of a competitor or colleague, just as they will benefit from finding your audience. Everyone wins! 

Interact with your most loyal fan base

Finally, don’t forget the most important part of any social media campaign—engagement! Interact with viewers who comment or subscribe. Show them that you care with little shout-outs here and there so you can build a loyal fan base.

Some of the smartest YouTubers actually work the requests of fans and subscribers into the new content. You don’t have to work so hard: If your audience volunteers an idea, then why not go with it? For example: A musician who plays cover songs might survey their audience for what to play next.

Engagement is one of the best things about social media and YouTube in particular.

Your viewers will feel respected when you take the time to comment. Better yet, new viewers will quickly realize that you listen to any and all requests, and sometimes even create videos based on those requests.

how to get more YouTube subscribers

The real secret in how to get more subscribers on YouTube is to listen to the community. That means not just your industry, but also your target audience who may be searching YouTube or another website looking for content just like yours.

Let them know you’re there by finding them, bringing them in with keyword phrases and then giving them a great show.

Learning how to get more subscribers on YouTube is all about putting on the best show possible and directing attention to it. Be proud of yourself and your work.

Spread the word and watch as your viewers start to grow!

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