How to Get More Views on YouTube - 10 “Secret” Tricks

how to get more views on youtube

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Did you know that the biggest YouTube star in the world, PewDiePie, once had 0 followers and 0 views? Now with over 96 million subscribers, he’s become the top YouTube star in the world. Maybe you’re having trouble getting even 10 subscribers or even 10 views!  What can you possibly do to get the world’s attention these days? Don’t think too hard about it. The first step is simple: learn how to get more views on YouTube.

In this article, we’re going to give you a “condensed” list of how to get more views on YouTube so you can create a plan of action.

10 Tips on How to Get More Views on YouTube

Target your “ideal audience” by writing better description text and titles

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You’ve probably figured out by now that the best way of how to get more views on YouTube is to write longer paragraphs of descriptive text. However, the more important question is, what keywords are your audience searching for?

This is why many YouTube publishers create what is called an “ideal buyer profile”, which means that you assume the mind of your ideal viewer according to age, territory, gender, interests, and other data. Knowing the mind of your viewers, and understanding what they want to watch, can help you figure out how to get more views on YouTube.

You probably have given a lot of thought to this when creating content or planning new content, but what about the descriptive text and titles that accompany these videos? You have to think like your ideal YouTube viewer and anticipate what they might type into YouTube or Google’s search bar, in order to find the most relevant videos.

The best way to ensure you find out how to get more views on YouTube is to not merely guess what people are searching for, but to use a web tool to improve your keyword accuracy. While Google Adwords is the most well-known resource, it’s fairly complicated to use, so an easier keyword web tool that might give you ideas is

Remember, you’re not just writing for the search algorithm, but you also want to attract YouTube viewers with exciting headlines and a description that summarizes what they’re going to see in the video.

Your first task in finding out how to get more views on YouTube is to motivate them to click on your video, with a strong headline and an interesting image. So while you are typing in “keywords” that Google and YouTube will recognize, you’re also creating headlines for human beings.

Try to imagine the headline as something that you would read in a newspaper or in an online magazine. Make it a little more sensational than it really is…you certainly wouldn’t be the only YouTuber trying that!

Create an easy-to-follow transcript of your YouTube video

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Did you know that you can actually create a transcript for your YouTube video for reading, or for those that are hard of hearing? This is also a favorite feature of international audiences, since they can sometimes get a good translation of the transcription in their native language using a site like Google Translate.

All the user has to do is go to the “More Actions” button (the three horizontal dots icon) and then click on “Transcript” to start reading the text. Are you giving thought to the words you’re writing and saying when learning how to get more views on YouTube?

The best tips on how to get views on YouTube involve making language simple and easy to follow. In many cases, YouTube will automatically transcribe spoken sentences for you. Use a clear voice so that the auto-transcription process goes smoothly.

You can also upload your own typed transcript directly by going to the video of your choice and clicking “Edit”. Find the Subtitles and Closed Captioning sections and then click on “Upload a File” which should be a plain text document.

If you want to learn how to get more views on YouTube, don’t merely entertain but educate your audience

This is a tip that’s often ignored when you first start producing a lot of entertainment videos for your channel. Entertainment is great but it’s only really effective after you educate or inform an audience about an issue that they care about. That’s what’s going to help you find out how to get more views on YouTube.

Discussing the issue your viewer cares about is one of the most effective ways to bring in new readers. They are not looking for you, while you’re unknown, but for the interests that you have in common. Start with education, by discussing in detail an industry or a product that they’re interested in, and follow through with your unique brand of entertainment.

Reach out to guest-YouTubers

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If things seem lonely on your channel, then it’s time to reach out to the community. One of the newest trends is that of guest YouTubers doing crossover videos or co-produced segments. It introduces you to a different audience, while also giving more attention to your guest. Socializing can help you in figuring out how to get more views on YouTube.

While it would be ideal to reach out to major industry influencers and insanely popular YouTube celebrities, they usually won’t work for you until you’re established and have a comparable number of subscribers and views.

That’s why, in the beginning, you should might try to reach out to others in your field who are also starting from 0 subscribers and YouTube views. Grow together and help each other other.You can even tempt more successful YouTube personalities to interact with you, giving you free publicity, by commenting on their newest videos and starting conversations with their subscribers. Build a name for yourself.

Reach out, not just to your potential subscribers, but to people who like the same things as you do. The secret of how to get more views on YouTube is to study what works and then keep repeating that behavior.

Remember also that your channel’s appearance and description is just as important as the videos themselves. You can check out our related article on how to create a YouTube channel that gets followers if you’d like to know more.

Study your competition and borrow ideas from other successful videos you are “suggested” to watch

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Pay close attention to the videos that appear in the sidebar as “suggested” or related videos. This is not just useful for the casual viewer, but also for you, the publisher. The best way to be linked, and to become “suggested viewing” would be to copy these other videos as best you can, using them as inspiration. Look at the titles, description, content and even subject matter. says that optimizing your video to be relevant to other popular videos will help get your videos highlighted even if your selected keywords are too broad. Target those other keywords and then add something else creative, informative, educational or funny to your video that will make you stand out.

This gets the attention of YouTube algorithms and your ideal viewers, and will help you in discovering how to get more views on YouTube.

Put more call-to-actions inside your videos

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YouTube allows you to post “End Screen and Cards” throughout your videos, which are little texts that can sneak in a call-to-action like “Subscribe!” or “Thumbs Up”.

You can even link to other videos using this feature or to your playlist (a series of videos with one theme that autoplay in order) or channel, or even to poll your viewers.

YouTube recently stopped its “Annotations” feature in favor of the more mobile-friendly “End Screen Editor” feature. So if you see webpages out there discussing Annotations, know that they still work on older videos.

But, modern videos now use the mobile-friendly equivalent of End Screens. Let YouTube star Derral Eves explain how to find the editor within the YouTube Creator Studio, under “End Screen” and “Add Element.” 

Learn to treat your videos more like social media interactions. Use “video responses” to get more views

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Maybe the problem is too many new YouTube creators see their videos as a movie release, when they’re actually, individually, more like a single Facebook comment. The best way to learn how to get more views on YouTube is to label your video as a “video response” to another video, which will help you benefit from the more popular video’s traffic.

The process is easy:

You just click on another popular video that’s relevant to your theme and then click “Create a video response.”  Now you have a list of all your videos and can decide which ones you want to use as “responses” in an ongoing conversation.

You could even produce some creative response videos by parodying a more popular video, or covering a song, or responding to a news story someone else reported with new information. Remember to title and describe your video in a similar way as the other videos that already have traffic, which will help you in learning how to get more views on YouTube.

Don’t just “lure” people in to see your content. Focus more on the social aspects of YouTube and its huge mix of communities and niches.

If you’re still not finding great results for your new videos, take your focus off YouTube and go find a less competitive site where keyword tagging leans more in your favor. You can create landing pages on your website, or write a guest blog, and go for your preferred keywords – all the while linking to your embedded YouTube video.

(You can embed a video in your website’s HTML following these easy instructions from Google)

These embedded videos do count as a legitimate “linkback” to Google, which is good for your videos and channel overall. You can also bring more traffic to your videos by posting links on your other social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or even Pinterest. Yes, another way on how to get more views on YouTube is to take your marketing offsite.

Google and YouTube algorithms for searching actually favor social media links over commercial website links, so crossposting your YouTube videos on other channels, with additional keywords, is a more organic strategy that will only help you.

Give away a contest prize to your YouTube viewers and create keywords based on that prize

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Another method of how to get more views on YouTube that’s a little cheesy but still surprisingly effective is to offer your viewers a giveaway prize and promotion simply for tuning in and interacting some way. This is what many channels have to do to get a little extra traffic in the beginning. You can cross-promote it on multiple social media sites or even niche websites and forums elsewhere.

For the best results, choose a prize that’s related to your industry or YouTube theme so it will be more memorable to your viewers.

Use your first few viewers as “product testers” and get ideas from them

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Consider your first handful of viewers lucky…they’re going to help you plan the future of your YouTube career! Rather than being “polite” and thanking them as a whole, interact with them individually. You can afford to do that in the beginning and reaching out to them may in fact help you learn how to get more views on YouTube.

Ask your audience directly how to get more views on YouTube, or in other words, what they want to see in the future and then create it for them!

To many YouTube viewers (especially ones that seek out the kind of content you’re producing), it’s actually quite the “prize” to have their requests turned into an original YouTube video. It’s also a smart way to gauge what your “ideal audience” wants to see from you.

Use YouTube Ads to boost your videos ahead of the competition

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YouTube Ads are the fastest tip on how to get more views on YouTube since you pay for impressions and hopefully clicks if you can grab your audience within those first few seconds.

Competition for broad keywords is so intense, sometimes new YouTube publishers just have to buy an ad, or a sponsored video, to get a head start. This is the most effective way to buy YouTube Views and get more subscribers.

The best feature here is that you can actually target your audience so that you don’t waste impressions on the wrong type of demographic. Even YouTube’s management states that paying for guaranteed impressions, and following through on that interest, can lead to a 23x increase of users returning or even subscribing to your channel.

Even in cases where viewers didn’t finish the ad itself, users were 10 times more likely to return to the channel or video later on.

Experiment and Learn How to Get More Views on YouTube

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What’s the best way of how to get YouTube views? Become active on YouTube, treating it just like you would Instagram or Facebook. Think about one post a week, or even more if possible. It’s not just about creating excellent content or choosing the best camera.

It’s about consistency and thinking outside the box when it comes to finding those viewers who are looking for your unique content. That’s how you figure out how to get more free YouTube views, by connecting with an audience who has a unique identity.

Remember these 10 tips in learning how to get more views on YouTube and you will start to see a major difference in as little as a few months. It’s easy, and it’s actually a lot of fun!

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